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The following list is the stories in the old archive section of the site. There are also more than 2,000 stories and articles on our blog Ghost Story and Paranormal Articles Index

     Tree Ghosts of Vietnam

     The Offer From Satan

     I See Dead People: The Renee Christine Martine Story

     A Study on Reincarnation

     I Was a Teenage Chupacabra

     Was This Ghost Trying To Get My Attention?

     Ghost in the Rocking Chair

     Paranormal Enounters In My Life From Age Three and Up

     Terrifying Ghostly Encounter In Arizona

     My Hell In A Haunted House

     I've Seen Many Things ~ Ghosts & Paranormal Experiences

     Many Demon Experiences | A True Story

     A Raging Spirit - A True Story Of Spiritual Warfare

     Demon Possession ~ A Candid Conversation

     My Experiences With Demons ~ A True Story of Possession

     The Genevieve 'Gen' Lee Story: A Metaphysical Journey

     Grandpa Sinkes' Ghost In The Basement

     Ghost Playing My Piano

     Clear Creek Horror - Ghosts In The Corn Paddock

     Spooky Activities of the Delta King of Sacramento

     Case of the Lady in Mourning, The Horned Creature, Faces in the Mirrors, Shadow People, The Ghostly Priest and a UFO

     Man With The Blurred Face ~ Ghost Or Nightmare?

     Haunted Recreation Centre in Canada

     Ghost Of An Angry Woman

Imaginary Friends A Haunting That Follows My Family

     Multiple Hauntings of a Psychically Aware Family

     Ghosthunter and Demonologist - Interview with Paul Dale Roberts

     A Soul Possessed The True Story of the Excorcism of Emily Rose

     The Balbal A Ghostly Story From The Philippines

     My Experiences, Ghosts, Angels, And Demons

     Was This Ghost Trying To Tell us Something?

     Haunted House On Cochran Road

     Haunted House On Stapleton Road

     House Of Ghosts

     My Brother's Imaginary Friend Was A Ghost

     Coffee Shop Ghost

     Are Witch Trials Still Happening?

     A Case of Demonic Exorcism: The Laim Thatmews Story

     My Best Friend's Ghost Came Back To Let Me Know She Is OK

     Ghost Is A Weaker Word - Haunting, Witchcraft, or Black Magic

     My Mom Kept Her Promise

     The Covelo Shadow People Michele Stump's Story

     Strange Paranormal Activity In Old Condemned School

Sparkle Friends - Imaginary Friends As A Small Child

     Demon Take Over

     Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits
Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part Two
Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part Three

     Lost Spirits Looking For Life

     Ghost Picture From Raynham, Ma. The Full Story

     The Ghost In The Lake House

     My Grandfather's Very Robust Ghost

A Doll And An Evil Imaginary Friend

     Ghostly Patients Of The Old Psychiatric Ward

     Haunted Boarding House

     Ghosts And The Haunted House A True Story

     Haunting Investigation of the Iceland Ice Arena

     The Chopping Knife And The Ghost Girl

     My Life In A Haunted House

     The Bathroom Spook

     Smoke and Roses

     My First Supernatural Experience

     The Toolman Ghost In Our Haunted House

     Smoke and Roses

     Horrifyingly Haunted House

     I Saw A Demon At A Cabin In Mammoth Lakes

     Beyond Haunted

     A Waking Nightmare

     The Ghost Of A Little Boy

     Haunted House In Alberta

     My Ghost Experiences In The Old White House

     Cemetery Haunting In Missouri

     Waverly Hills Haunted Sanitarium

     I Think I Have A Ghost In My House

     Voodoo Dream

     Always Something Lurking In My Haunted House

     The Little Slave Girl Ghost

     Ghosts Of Lost Souls Trapped In The Complex

     Their Ghosts Follow Me Everywhere

     Ghost In Grandpa's House

     The Little Slave Girl Ghost

     Old Man's Ghost Still Hanging Around

     Ouija Board's Revenge

     Philippine Ghost Story

     Little Girl Lost (House Full Of Souls)

     Haunted House On Maple Street

     The Cleveland House Ghost

     My Grandfather's Ghost Is Always Watching

     Sleepless Nights And Torn Down Photos

     The Dining Specters of Fulton's Underground Restaurant and the Hess House

     The Ghost Guest In Our Home

     The Ghost In My Dreams Is Real

     Evil Laughing Ghost

     Ghosts In My Brother's House

     Haunted Mobile Home Park

     The Little Girl Ghost That Watched Me

     Eighteenth Century Ghost Lady

     The Nanny Ghost

     My Haunted Home

     Ghost Are Real - We're Never Alone

     Summer Vacation Ghost Encounter

     Mount Shasta UFO - Bigfoot - Lemurian - Ghosts Pre-Investigation

     True Ghost Story From Nebraska

     Bizarre Story About A Haunted Auditorium

     The Dog Hating Ghost

     Ada's Ghost Forever the Librarian

     Ghostly Recording In Old Texas House

     George Our Family Ghost

     The Haunted Burns Ranch

     The Leger Hotel and the Haunted Areas of Leonard Lake

     The Night The Devil Visited

     I Am Possessed By Four Spirits

     Speaking With the Dead

     Unfriendly Ghosts in Our House

     Granny's Back - A Story of my Granny's Ghost

     Nice Old People Who Have Been Dead For 30 Years

     Weird Sighting at the Morris Arboretum

     The Haunted Old Plantation House

     The Haunted Neighborhood

     Haunting in Oak Park and a Haunting Revisit to West Sac

     My Daughter's Imaginary Friend Was an Evil Ghost
Author's Comments on her Daughter's Imaginary Friend

     Young Boy's Ghost in the Dark

     The Little Man

     A Haunted House Story

     Ghost in The Funeral Home

     Ghosts at my Grandparents House

     True Ghost Stories In My House

     Jessica, My Great Great Great Aunt's Ghost

     Angels and Demons - I Have Seen Them

     Footsteps on the Stairs

     My Own True Ghost Experiences

     Pioneer Ghost Lady of Constable Jacks

     Haunted Cabin in Goliad Texas

     My True Ghost Story

     My Ouija Board Experiences

     My Beloved Grandmother's Ghost?

     My Childhood "Imaginary" Friend Turned Out to be a Ghost

     The Piano Playing Ghost

     The Old Man in The Garage

     Ghost Following Me

     The Grave of Marie Nikum Hill

     Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part I

     Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part II

     Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part III

     Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part IV

     Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part V

     Anna Mills Communicates With the Living via a Ouija Board

     What Was Behind Me? - A True Ghost Experience

     A Frightening Moment in Marysville ~ Haunted and Paranormal Investigations

     Grandmother's Visit from Beyond

     Why Did I Have This Nightmare?

     Unwanted Roommate - A True Ghost Story

     WW II Victims Ghosts

     The Train Station Ghost

     Ghost of Former Owner

     The Little Girl in the Room

     The Bell Witch

     A Memoir of My True Love - My Ghost Story

     Southern Belle Ghost Sighting

     Brother Watches Over Sister

     Haunted House for Sale

     Ghosts of Loved Ones Watch Over Us

     Bean Nighe - Banshee

     Ghost Cabin in the Woods

     The Haunted House of Moore's Flat

     Hitchhiking Ghost of Kentucky

     The Hooded Beings - My Ghost Story

     The Hanging Woman or Suicide Ghost

     The Convict Ghost

     My Sister's New Friend and other Ghost Stories

     Willie and Nellie: A Love Story & A Ghost Tale

     The Beast

     Is It Me or Are More People Seeing Ghosts?

     Salem Black River Church - The Southern Belle Ghost

     Are Pets Able to See Ghosts?

     Ghost Cat in the Attic

The Imaginary Friend - A Real Ghost Story

     The Bleecker Street Ghost

     The Night Visitor


The History of Halloween

     History of Trick or Treat

     History of Halloween Costumes

     Halloween The Ancient Holiday

     Why Do We Carve Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween?

     Easy To Make Fun and Spooky Halloween Treats

Ghost Pictures

Ghost Pictures Index

     Ghostly Figure in the Mist

     Philippine Mall Ghost Picture

     Kennesaw House Ghost Picture

     Georgetown Hotel Ghost Picture

     Ghost Pictures from the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs

     Haunted Log Cabin Antique Store

     The Freddy Jackson Ghost Picture

     The Fire Girl Ghost

     Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Ghost

     Lyme Regis Boys Club Ghost

     Raynham, Massachusetts Ghost

     Mother in Law Ghost

     Brown Lady of Raynam Hall Ghost Picture

     The Guardian Angel Ghost Picture

     The Hooded Ghost Picture

     Free Ghost Pictures For Your Website

Ghost Videos

Ghost Videos Index

     Ghost Picture Slideshow

     House On Haunted Hill

Strange Creatures

Cryptozoology ~ Cryptids and Strange Creatures

     Terror in New Jersey

Aliens and UFOs

     The Annunaki

     The Kachina and the Extraterrestrial Connection

     Ant People of the Hopi and the Annunaki

     Military Intelligence and the Connection to UFOs

     Crop Circles ~ Messages from the Gods

Fairies & Elves


     Vampire Tour of San Francisco


Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories Index

     Moon Landing a Hoax?

     The Chemtrail Conspiracy

Funny Jokes

     Ghost Jokes

     Monster Jokes

     Skeleton Jokes

     Vampire Jokes

     Witch Jokes

Misc Paranormal & Weird

True Ghost Tales Paranormal Forum

Demons & Demonology

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

     How To Record Your Own EVPs

     Hell's Church Cemetery EVP Recording

Ghost & Paranormal Books

Fairies & Elves

Imaginary Friends

Interview with a Witch

Paranormal Blog

     Paranormal Blog Site Map

The Six Types of Haunting Activities


     The Borley Rectory Poltergeist

Top 10 Sci-Fi Horror Movies

Crystals, Stones, Amulets & Talismans

Tarot Cards

Smudging with Sage ~ How to and Origins & Practices

Cats From Ancient Egypt to Legends of Witches

Shadow Creatures

Paranormal Investigation Methods and Equipment

Native American Perspectives on Ghosts and Evil Spirits

Ouija Boards

Terms And Usage Policies

Ancient Mysteries

The Eight Horsemen of 2012 (The Apocalypse)

The Fawn Hoof Mummy - Egyptian Influence In Ancient America?

Wicca & Witchcraft

Wicca - Origins, Moral Codes, Symbols, Magick and Truth

Wheel of the Year - The 8 Wiccan Sabbaths

Witches Wiccans & Magick ~ Traditions & History

Origins Myths & Truths about Witchcraft & Witches

Wizards Warlocks & Sorcerers

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