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Ghost Are Real - We're Never Alone

As a little girl, I'd always been plagued by the feeling of not being along and always being watched. I remember always being fascinated by ghosts and "scary" stories and to this day, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It really wasn't until I graduated from High School and moved away that I began to hear and see things that most people wouldn't believe.

My first experience was in my first apartment. I was home with three of my roommates and getting ready to go out to eat. As I finished up my make-up I saw my friend Paige walk past the mirror, as if she were going from the living room back to her room. I asked her to bring me something from my room and she didn't answer.

When I went to get it myself and tease her for ignoring me, she was at her computer working and obviously hadn't gone anywhere in a while. I asked her if she was in the living room and she said she hadn't been out of her chair for over an hour. I sort of blew that off and didn't tell anyone for awhile, even though I was pretty creeped out.

Several months later, my boyfriend (now my husband) was over. We were in my room packing for a trip back home. No one was home except us as they were already home for the holidays. All of a sudden we heard a loud slap against my bedroom door. It scared us to death because we thought someone broke in and was coming to get us. Greg jumped up and grabbed a tennis racket, the only "weapon" I had available. We checked all over, under beds, behind doors and shower curtains. Nothing. I didn't want to be home alone again for sure.

I still didn't want to share any of this with my friends, they'd laugh at me. I had no choice eventually and I wasn't alone. Obviously Greg had experienced something but he didn't believe it could be paranormal until... he heard it.

Once again, I was in the bathroom getting ready for something. All of a sudden he and my roommate Kim came out into the hall at the same time looking for the baby they heard crying. Both said they heard an infant crying from the hall. I didn't hear anything, even though I was literally only inches away from them. We sort of all spilled the beans about what was going on. None of us ever felt comfortable there again.

Not long after, because of other circumstances, we all moved out and on with our lives. I have limited contact with the roommates and have since married the man who shared these early experiences.

I plan to share more in the future because things have only escalated. I don't know if whatever/whoever was there has just kept with us as a couple, or if I just attract them. I do know they still scare me from time to time and we've had to learn to live with it.

Contributed by Gina Gilbert and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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