Was This Ghost Trying To Get My Attention?

Okay I have a story that happened to me when I was about 10 maybe 9 years old. It was the first ghost experience that ever happened to me that I could remember.

I was sleeping over at my cousins house and we were playing this shooting game and he would always try and crouch in between these two couches in his living room where there is this space and we would use that as cover. It was a great place to hide because the arm rests on the couch were high enough so that if you kneeled down enough no one could see you.

It was time for us to go to sleep and my aunt suggested to me that I sleep downstairs because in his room his top bunk was broken and his floor had all these stains. I didn't really care. When I was sleeping down there I couldn't go to sleep for hours and then when I looked at me feet to see if they were covered by the blanket because they were freezing cold they were, but what I also saw at the end of the couch was like someone else posted a shadow sort of person with wild hair and was sort of moaning like if it was breathing and it was just staring. (remember this thing is literally at my feet) At first I was so scared it was the first time I said holy *beep* then I kind of laughed and said "oh my god you scared me so badly haha what are you doing up" because I seriously though it was my cousin.

When it didn't say anything I got scared and started trying to turn my head to see if the light could shine on it and let me see what it was. I was so scared I started whispering while kind of crying a little bit "Ryan, (my cousin) stop it. I'm serious". I was too scared to get up and move to the dining room which was across from the living room and then a door from the dining room leads to the kitchen and then that leads to a music studio which is pitch black, I'm even scared to go into there in the day time, which leads to the bathroom which leads up stairs.

Now there was an easier way. The stairs were literally 16 steps away from the couch I was at, but I would have to go past that thing. So after staying there until the sky outside was turning a dark blue I got up and ran through the long way. When I get to the studio, light was shining through the window and at the window standing was that thing turning its head to watch me run to the bathroom. While running up stairs I see it at the couch area again still looking at me run up the stairs. Finally I reach my cousins room and my cousin is sleeping. I close his door and put a chair in front of it. I woke up my cousin and he swore to God that he was upstairs sleeping the whole time. I stayed in his room and slept on the floor. Now after this other strange things also started happening.

Every time I would stay still in one place I always felt like someone was right behind me breathing on my shoulder, touching me or something (which I was feeling right now and I had to close my moms closet door). So I always had to just get in a room with people and move around or something.

One time, at 12 years old, I tried lying on my bed by myself with the door closed at night and I stayed there and I felt the feeling, but it was getting stronger because I promised I would stay there just to prove, just to show nothing would happen. Something did happen. I felt like if someone was laying their weight on me, not letting me move. I felt like I was spinning. My eyes were open but I couldn't focus or see anything. My breath was held in and the feeling was horrible. Old memories and thoughts felt like they were being spun on a wheel in front of me. I had no emotion to me. It felt like as if it was for such a long time. It ended. My breath was still held. I lay there for little bit. I think in shock and I just cried and cried. I got up and walked to my moms room. I wasn't scared. I don't know what I felt, but I went to my parents room and they calmed me down. Ever since then I've been very jumpy and stuff.

I tried it again. This time I was 13 and the same thing happened again, but afterwards I laughed, and then cried a little bit again because my closet door was getting opened and closed repeatedly over and over again. I stayed though and I tried cussing at this spirit thing. My dad yelled, who's doing that? and he ran into my room and right when he did the thing stopped and he said, what the hell? and I told him. He said I was having a nightmare even though he had heard it himself.

Later on when I was taking a shower I saw scratches on my arms and back and then I heard voices cussing just like I was at it. Again I say this haha I was very scared.

Now I'm 14, these things seem to have stopped happening slowly. I haven't tried but maybe its just because I'm in a new house. I almost want these things to start happening to me again to understand them. Now that I think about it maybe the ghost was trying to get my attention. I'm thinking of getting a Ouija board I don't know. There are a lot of other sort of weird things that happened to me if you want to hear them just add me on myspace * juliancorteznewprofile * I would like to hear your stories.

Written by Julian Cortez, Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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