Granny's Back - A Story of my Granny's Ghost

This is a true story. My dad's mother lived with us. As a young child, Granny had been more like a mother to me, than my own mother.

When I was 12 years old, Granny got very sick and died. As the grownups talked among themselves, I overheard my mother say that if they had not gotten her to the hospital, she would have died in bed. This thought horrified me because I slept with her.

Her death was very traumatic for me and my parents decided to send me to my maternal grandparents farm for a month. During this time, they changed bedrooms with my younger sister and me. Our house was a shotgun house where each room actually led into another. So our room was now at the back of the house.

Granny died in July and we did not return to our house until late August. Air conditioning was a luxury at our house. Our back room had three windows, one on each side. The middle window contained a huge window fan. One window remained open and the other remained closed. When you shut the bedroom door, the window fan would pull a breeze through the open window. This breeze would cool the room.

For some reason, our bedroom door had glass halfway up. You could see who was looking in your door and they could see you.

I had begun to have dreams at my other grandparents house basically after Granny's burial about Granny telling me how much she missed me and wanted me to come with her. Instead of comforting me, these dreams terrified me. I would wake up feeling like I was suffocating. This could be explained away as anxiety attacks, I know. After returning home, the dreams stopped altogether for about one month.

My next dream involved me sitting on my back steps brushing my hair. This was hard because my hair hung down my back and was very thick. In my dream, I was trying to put my hair up in a pony tail. I looked across the street to see a lady walking down the side sidewalk. She looked just like Granny! She crossed the street, walked up the sidewalk and came up the vacant lot steps next to our house.

In my dream, I just sat there in shock. She crossed over the grass and right up to our gate. It was Granny. She told me that I would never be able to get my hair up without her help. She came in the yard, took the hairbrush right out of my hand and began pulling my hair up. All the while she worked on my hair, she told me how she missed me and could take me back with her if I wanted her to. Before I could answer, Granny had put my hair up in a pony tail and had begun to wrap my hair around my throat, pulling tightly with each wind. I woke up then with my hair wound around my throat three times.

The next day, my mom said she was running to the grocery store. One of the neighborhood boys was visiting me outside. He was allowed to stay with the understanding that we stay outside. I decided to tell Jeff about my dream and while I was doing so, he looked up and saw a woman walking across the street, just like in my dream. He was the one who said that she looked just like my granny. I could only sit there, scared to death! When she started up the vacant lot steps, I ran inside the house and locked the door, leaving poor Jeff on the steps. My mother arrived about five minutes later and Jeff told her the whole story and that he had seen the woman himself. My mom found me hysterically inside.

Needless to say, my parents were worried about me. Our doctor put me on medication to help me rest. Several days later, my mom again went to the store. I was lying down in my bedroom with the door shut tightly. The doorknob creaked and the breeze stopped in the room. The only reason the breeze would stop was if the door was opened. I thought maybe it was my sister coming in but when I looked up, I saw my granny's face in the window of the door. I am ashamed to say, that I jumped out the bedroom window and ran to the neighbor's house. I realize that this could be explained away as a possible nervous breakdown. Maybe it was, I don't know.

Several years went by and my father passed away. My mom remarried and moved out of the house. She swore to me that she firmly believed that Granny and Daddy were haunting the house. She recounted several episodes of her dogs standing by my Dad's chest of drawers, looking straight up, barking and wagging their tales. She would hear sounds coming from the back bedroom and her dogs would growl and bark at the entrance to the hall leading to the room. They would go no further than the hall door. She moved out. My family moved in.

The first night, my little boy who was only 3 at the time, woke up crying hysterically. He was unable to tell my why, I put him into bed with his dad and me. The next day, I was cleaning out the closet that had belonged to my Granny. Way in the back was a bundle of old patterns bound together by a piece of cloth. It was the same cloth of the dress that Granny had in my dream and the same dress that the lady had on that day years ago.

As I sat on the floor, my son was playing beside me, he and I both began to hear a doll begin to say, "MaMa". My son had no dolls. Needless to say, I nearly made a new door to that closet. The sound grew louder and louder. Finally, I realized that it was coming from a chifarobe closet that my dad had used that was across the room. It took everything I had to make myself cross the room and look inside that chifarobe. There in the bottom was my old Chatty Cathy doll. About two weeks after I had gotten her, the pull string had broken and she never talked again. That had been over 10 years ago.

The bedroom became very cold and the hairs on the back on my neck stood up. I believed both my father and granny were in the room right then. I yelled for them to just leave me alone and if they wanted me to leave, just give me a sign. The back bedroom door slammed shut. I grabbed my son's hand with one hand and my keys with the other and ran out the front door. I never went back.

Contributed by Sharan Millwood and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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