My Experiences With Demons ~ A True Story of Demonic Possession

Most people seem to think Demons are completely different from the ordinary Spirits of the dead but I believe Demons are simply the spirits of the dead who choose to come back to Earth and seek vengeance against their enemies whom they knew before they died.

I know this is completely different from most things you read, and I know this may differ a little from what we believe from what we have read in the Bible but I am going from my own experiences and what I have personally concluded after more than 20 years of communicating with the Spirit World and meeting up with good spirits and a few bad ones who were simply out to cause me problems.

The so called Evil Spirits or Demons that I know personally are now demons because they have declared themselves demons and Satan's Followers but from their mean personalities in the After Life I realize they are just an extension of the personalities they were when they walked the Earth.

When they walked the Earth they could be mean and violent and controlling but when they were here we didn't call them Demons we instead said they were controlling and mean spirited and just basically bad people but one day they died, sometimes through violence and sometimes they died of old age and natural causes but as they looked back at earth after exploring the Spirit World they say they realized that some of the things they read in the bible and were taught in the churches they attended were not as pure and simple as they had been led to believe and so from the Spirit World they set out to right things and the only way they could get my attention was to appear to me and Declare themselves Satan's followers and terrify me and have me run screaming for help. But of course with most peoples concept of religion and heaven and hell all most people said: "Tell them to Go Away" That didn't work so they said well, burn sage and sprinkle on holy water and that will solve your problem. That didn't work either and yes I wore a crucifix and prayed to God to save me day and night and that didn't work either.

I then tried to get priests to intercede also but they always said well possessions are very rare and so to prove you are possessed you are going to have to undergo extensive and sometimes expensive therapy and have a doctor determine if you are really possessed.

The trouble with that is most Psychiatrists and Therapists don't believe in life after death much less that the Spirits of the Dead can actually enter a body and try to take over and speak through humans and encourage them to do all sorts of nasty things to themselves and others.

They say Deliverance Ministers can pray demons out of a body, but I have not had one try yet, although one promises he is headed in my direction when he gets around to it, and in the meantime I must do battle with the demons myself, who by the way were three of my relatives and a psychiatrist before they died and now they say they are here to prove there is no one between Heaven and hell who can force them out of my body or cause them to do anything unless they feel like it.

I said to them again yesterday, that may be true but the real truth is you can't write on my computer, or tell the world anything good or bad unless I choose to let you, and the only reason I am writing about you at all is I need to tell the world that you are demons and see what your friends and relatives back on earth make of your behavior.

I then said so you see you are now trapped in my body and the only way you can get out is past the Guides who claim to have the power to destroy you if you are inside my body when it dies. I then spoke to the Spirit World in general and said: "What do you take me for a fool?" "I'm smart enough to know if someone has the power to destroy you after I am Dead there will be no one here on the Computer to write about it" I then said the thing I am going to do in an effort to drive the four of you out of my body is do what I should have done long ago, put your names in this copy so your family and friends on earth will know exactly how you have been spending your time in the Spirit World since your Death.

I then said if you want to avoid having your names put into other copy I would suggest you get out of my body so you don't have to face the humiliation of having yourselves put in copy all over the internet as Demons.

So far they have not gotten out of my body And Dr.Petas says that because I already put his name in copy on several websites and now he is really mad and he doesn't now know what he is going to have to do to me to make me sorry for doing that. I said, well the day you wouldn't get out of my body and go to the funeral of your first born son that was the day I realized what a bastard you really are and that is the day I decided you were not the handsome nice man I used to think you were when you walked the Earth.

I then said: You may have been a handsome charming Greek when you walked the Earth but once you died and your body was stripped away I see underneath that handsome facade was a very ugly evil man who is about as bad as any Domestic Violent Husband out there and the only difference between you and an abusive man on Earth is you don't have a gun or Knife or other weapon to attack me.

I then said so yes, you are an Evil Spirit of Demonic Qualities and the best part of all this situation here is now your wife in the Spirit World who died after you did has been watching what you are doing to me, and now I would like for you to leave my body and go have a reunion with your wife and son in the Spirit World and see how they greet you after what you have been doing to me since the first Anniversary of your death when you and three of my mean ugly relatives decided to enter my body as possessing Spirits and do all these things to me simply because you were jealous because I had a Psychic Gift and chose not to work with you but wanted to work with a Spirit Guide called Thomas.

Thomas is a wonderful, kind, gentle, helpful Spirit very unlike old Evil Dr. Petas and that is one of the reasons I want to work with Thomas and one of the Reasons I am hopeful that old Dr. Stergio Nicholas Petas not only takes his mean friends and leaves my body but I hope the mean sucker burns in Hell. And on that note I say and by the way where is Heaven? And is there a Hell? And if there is a Hell then I want to know why Dr. Stergio Nicholas Petas of Sylvania, Ohio a suburb of Toledo, Ohio and his friends have not by now been cast off into the Pits of Hell? Now Dr. Stergio Nicholas Petas of Toledo, Ohio do you now want to bring your three friends and leave my body and be on your way before Edit this copy and file it for publication? I will now give you one minute to get out of my body and while I await your decision I will get another cup of coffee and hopefully you will now say goodbye and if you do I will take your name out and if you don't then I will say Publish, so what will it be Dr. Stergio Nicholas Petas of Toledo, Ohio?

Dr. Petas still refuses to leave my body, and says leave his name in the copy because one of the reasons he is doing this is because his family wouldn't believe he was sending them a message from beyond the Veil of Death when I called them and told them so back in the eighties and he said now maybe they will believe I was telling the truth when I called them and said I have a message from Stergio in the Spirit World.

At the time they didn't believe and this made Dr. Petas angry and he said this is how he will behave until I convince the whole world he is alive in the Spirit World. He says he may have labeled himself a Demon but at least he's a Demon who is Alive and able to talk to earth through me. I said now that he has proven this he needs to get out and I will do as he says and leave his name in the copy, and not listen to anyone who tells me to take it out. Now Dr. you have proven you have control now will you please get out of my body and you and my relatives stop calling yourselves Evil Spirits and stop attacking me in an effort to try to force me to get an Exorcism you know the Archbishop directed me to a Priest who said he wants nothing to do with this situation.

To Be Continued until Dr. Petas and friends leave my body.

Contributed by Rosemary Campbell and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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