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True Ghost Stories In My House

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm aged 11 nearly 12, and I'm gonna tell you about 3 ghost stories that have happened to me.

Okay my first ghost story:

Sighting of a Young Girl

I first moved in my house when I was around 5 or 6 and have felt strange things going on, but the first thing I saw happened to me when I first started year 3. I was lying in bed one night and as I awoke very early in the morning I looked in my TV screen. As I looked into it I saw a very faint figure, I look under my bed (I have a bunk bed. I sleep on top) at the bottom bed and I saw absolutely nothing. I looked back into the TV to see if it was still there and it was. I looked back onto my bottom bed nothing was there. I called my brother into my room (who is now 16 nearly 17) and he saw it to, but when I called my mum in it completely disappeared. I know what you must be thinking. I was young and I probably imagined it, but not so long ago it happened again. I saw this young girl lying on my bottom bed wearing a Victorian like night gown.

My second ghost story:

The Old Woman in My House

When I first moved into my house there were all these scratches on the walls and it smelled quite horrible, but once it got all done up it was okay. The first night I stayed there I was really scared because there was loud banging and thumping in the attic that's basically right above my bedroom. Then I heard shuffling feet and it went away. A few years later I managed to find out that it was an old lady that died in the attic somehow and her grandchildren don't even know she's dead and still send her birthday cards and Christmas cards.

My third ghost story:

Beloved Granddad

My Granddad died in 1994 on boxing day by heart attack and I was born in 1995. I never knew my Granddad but the stories my parents/sisters/brothers have told me about him have made me very proud. He's basically the only one I can talk to. And the strange thing is he never knew me but I reckon he's haunting my house because whenever I'm upset I always get a strange feeling there's an old hand that's cold touching me like around my neck, and one day in a dream I was talking to him.

I Know you may think, "she's probably making all this stuff up", but I aint. These are true things that have happened to me since I've been quite young. I've always believed in ghosts because my dad does and he's been on Most Haunted before (if you don't believe me, he looks like Derek Acorah and has been on the Wymering Manor 1 with his girlfriend Debbie (I live near Wymering Manor).

Contributed by Megan and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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