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Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part Three

Also, whilst sitting in the living room, there have been times when it sounds like somebody is coming down the stairs - only to find that when the noise stops no one's at the bottom.

Our German Shepherd dog also constantly watches things that simply aren't there (certainly not to us anyway.) She is often seen following something around the room, sometimes for several minutes at a time, as if she is watching somebody walk around the room. I have also seen the brief image of a dog walk seemingly out of the wall. Though when thinking about, where the wall is now, used to be a doorway to the kitchen, makes sense really.

Over the last year or so, I have also - I believe - become slightly psychic/clairvoyant. An example of this is where I have heard what sounds like lots of people whispering, but because they're quiet and there are a lot of different people talking at once, you can't hear what is being said.

One particular time, I had been thinking about the victims that drowned when the Titanic sank. Shortly after, I begun to hear the whispering. So I asked (in my head) how I could help, asking for whoever was there to speak to me. Feeling a little bit silly, I concentrated so much, willing somebody to talk to me clear enough so I could hear them. Then, out of nowhere, a name 'James Dobbin' or 'Jack Dobbin' came to me. I tried to ask for more information but that was all I got.

The next day, I found a website that lists the names of the people that died when the Titanic sank. On this website I found the name James Dobbin, a worker that died in an accident whilst working on the construction of the ship.

I believe that Mr. Dobbin was trying to communicate with me, to let me know that people didn't only die when the ship hit the iceberg, but also while it was being built, and that he was asking not to be forgotten. This is the link to the website that lists Mr. Dobbin as a victim of an accident - http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/discus/messages/5919/8371.html?1009985542

Other psychic experiences include foreseeing events, for example, the crashing of a tube train at Chancery Lane underground station. The week before it happened, I had what could only be described as someone whispering what sounded like 'Chantry' or 'Chancery' but in my head, not out loud.

It wasn't until the incident happened that I thought, 'Was somebody trying to tell me about this?' Before hand, I could only wonder what this meant. Also, sometimes, I've known what somebody will say or predict a number before they say it (unfortunately this hasn't worked with the lottery numbers as of yet!) I've also had times where I've been contemplating decisions (not necessarily important or major things) and a voice has told me what they think I should do.

Even as recent as a few days ago, paranormal things are still happening. When putting my dog to bed in the kitchen for the night, I distinctly heard a voice emanate from the sofa next to the kitchen, where the dog had laid down. It was as if somebody had beckoned the dog over to them whilst sitting down and were talking to her.

Also, I was standing in the bathroom early one morning, and the door slowly moved open, as if somebody was gingerly pushing it. I quickly pushed it shut, assuming somebody was going to walk in on me. It was only in the morning that I thought about it again (as I would've been mildly embarrassed had somebody walked in on me!) that when I stopped the door from opening any further, nobody apologised or said anything, as I know would've been the case had any of the family actually done this.

Also, the floorboards upstairs are incredibly noisy in places and so had that been a member of the family, I would have heard them walking to the door, and away from the door but there wasn't a sound.

Just a couple of nights ago, I closed the stair gate we have across the living room door that stops the dog coming upstairs. In the morning, the dog was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, and the gate was open - it was shut for sure.

This account of things is all true, I can assure you that all this actually happened. All of these incidents may sound like coincidences, be explained as 'natural phenomenon', or simply that I'm crazy or I'm making it up, however when you look at the amount of things that have occurred, that's a ridiculous amount of coincidences! These are all the incidents that I can remember for now, but if anything comes to me I'll be more than happy to share it. And I'm sure that these latest incidents will not be the last.

Thanks for reading my account of things. I hope you enjoy this and that it encourages others to share their own experiences.

Contributed by Kris Slaven and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

This is a long story so it has been broken up into 3 parts. Go back to Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part 1

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