Anna Mills Communicates With the Living via a Ouija Board

Anna Mills is a ghost of an 8 year old girl lost within the realms of the living and the dead.

A couple of years ago, I ran across an old Ouija Board dated 1919. I remember how fascinated I was with an experience when I was about 10 with one, so I thought that this "board game" would be fun to fool around with again.

My son, when he was very young, told me about looking out his bed room window and seeing three "glowing figures" coming from the field toward his window one night. He also stated that they even entered his room and stood at the foot of his bed. He covered his head with the blankets thinking that they would go away, and when he uncovered his head, they were still there... then they vanished. I attributed this to a "bad dream" at the time.

There is this old, beautiful house on my property, built in 1926; the builder also signed and dated his name in the rafters in the attic. "Cool," I thought, that he took so much pride in his work (like an artist) to do such a thing.

Anyway, we were in this old house, working the Ouija thing and so forth. My son asked me to see if what he saw was real or not. We got an answer and alot more! The two people who were at the board knew nothing about this; in fact, they did not know the name of the road we live on or anything else much about this neck of the woods.

I asked if there were any ghosts who wanted to speak (not at all taking any of this seriously). YES replied the board. "Who are you?" I asked.

ANNA MILLS was the reply.

As our guests worked the Ouija board. "Why are you here?" I asked, and the plachetted began to move quickly.

I DIED HERE ON THE MUNGER SHAW ROAD. (Our guests didn't even know the name of this road.)

"How?" I inquired.

TRUCK, the board answered.

"How?" I asked.

RUN OVER, Anna replied.



At this point, I was having fun with this game. I did not at all take this seriously; after all, this thing is just a game. "So if this is all true, where is your body so that I can bring you some flowers?" I jokingly asked. Her answer sent chills down my spine.

YOU ARE THERE, she answered.

"What do you mean?"

SKATTERED (misspelled by an 8 year old), she said. MY AHSES ARE SKATTERED WHERE YOUR TRAILER HOUSE IS, she added.

She gave us a lot of information that night. She is with two uncles who are elusive, but protecting her. She was visiting them here when her death occurred. Things have happened after that as well than before. When I first put the trailer house where it is (now abandoned, for I am now living in the old house), my ex-wife and I heard the distinctive voice of a child crying - that I can say without a doubt. My ex also told me that she seen a small girl one night fleeing out the door one late night (blew her off). And so did I one night when I woke up to use the bathroom, you know, through the corner of the eye, I attributed this to late night-half asleep stuff.

We did the Ouija again with two other people, again the same conversation with this Anna Mills. I cannot find any records of her existence of her anywhere, though. Then again, out here in the sticks (especially back in the '30s, records may have not been so critical; heck, I know a guy that have two people buried in his front yard from back then; that's in the days when they did things like that). I did ask her who her uncles were, and she remained allusive on that info.

Okay, I know this all sounds really weird, and I did not believe a thing about all of this until about a year ago...

I went for a walk, as I have quite often. I walked across the field on a winter moonlit night. On my way back, I distinctly saw two people "sneaking" around the trailer. Thinking that someone was trying to break in, I approached one of them. I yelled out to them, what did they want, ready to confront the intruders. I swear that I was within 15 feet of the guy wearing a plaid shirt and bib overalls when he took an abrupt right turn and went right through the wall of the trailer house - right below my son's old bedroom. I could see each and every detail of his face, and the texture of his clothes! He looked just like a real person - that would "appear" under a full-lit moon. I stopped dead in my tracks, but somehow I was not frightened out of my wits as one would suspect. Rather a comforting feeling came over me. By the way, when I first called out to them, the other ran into the woods.

All of this I merely attributed to suggestive thinking, thinking I saw things that I imagined and so forth. Perhaps it was a restless walk late at night and so forth.

About a month ago, I was visiting my sister and her family at their house miles away. Her daughter also had an old message board that her father found years ago in an attic of an old school that he once worked at. The planchette was missing, so for fun I went to work in his wood shop and made a really nice wood one for them. With her and her boyfriend at the board, I asked "Anna are you here?"

HI, RICK, the board replied.

This really freaked them out! "Tell us the story that you told me the last time we spoke," I asked. Again, the same info that came up a year before. I did not reveal any of the prior things that Anna said to anyone there, but there it was, again the same. She said that I did see here once, and that she and her uncles did visit my son. I did not ask any of this, once the planchette began to move, she went on and on and on. I asked her if she liked what I did with the old house (it still looks as it did in the 30's-except for the addition of electricity and pluming, and she said that she feel at home. I asked her if she ever enters the house, and she said,

NO. BAD MEMMORYS. (Again misspelled by an eight year old girl.)

Lately, at night through the corner of an eye, my son as well as I have seen someone fleeting past the kitchen window. Even our dog sends an alert that somebody is here, when in fact there isn't. The last time I used the board (being a skeptic, I always have someone else use it) she said that she wanted to meet me along the edge of the field at one o'clock in the morning. "Promise?" I asked.

I PROMISE, she answered.

I never bothered. I'm not sure if I believe in such things, but it is fun to think about... Perhaps it is true!

Contributed by R.Iverson and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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