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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part III

Here is the fourth page in our collection of short stories and experiences that have been submitted by our readers.

My friend Bull Halsey

My story is not as scary as others. Sometimes he does things like poking me in the ribs, or shaking my bed. Sometimes he whispers in my ear, always over my left shoulder. He usually catches me off guard and that can be disturbing.

Bull is such a strong entity I have seen him affect the behavior of other people in my life. If anybody does something wrong to me he does deal with them one way or another. I guess you can say he is my guardian angel, yet sometimes he says very hurtful things.

To sum it up, some nights he talks to me without giving me a break. I still don't know why he has been with me all these years, except that he keeps asking me to take him to Elizabeth, NJ, his home town.

Deborah Burkhalter

Boy in the mirror? Nicholas?

Hello,My name is not important,but I have a ghost story that is not a "story". We live in a apartment that is about 150 years old. It is odd that the building has 13 apartments. Alburtis PA. has a lot of history behind it. It was a booming iron factory in the 1800's, now a park. The area is also known for the iron horse "railroad". I know that there was a station across the street from us. I believe our place was a hotel at some point in time.

Now for the story. Nicholas? yes, we named our ghost. He's about 9 or 10 years old. All I saw was his face and plaid shirt. I saw him in the mirror. He had a blank yet sad stare on his face. Even if you don't believe in ghosts it would scare the hell out of you if you saw a boy in the mirror standing behind you. Seeing him may have turned my face as pail as his. We believe he may be a lost and lonely soul. About 3 months later he left the building through a closet door in the bedroom. After that I had no encounter with him but there has been frequent calling of names.

My family still loves scary movies!



Happy Birthday

Shortly after I started working for the Federal Government my father got sick and my mother stayed home with him for the day. This was 2 days before my 22nd birthday. I was waking down the hallway to my office when I saw a woman way down at the other end of the hallway waiving to me. It seemed like the closer I got the further away she got and I couldn't see who it was.

I finally decided to give up and go back to my desk. I had been sitting there for a short period of time when I felt someone kiss me on my cheek. I jumped up and turned around but there was no one there. Someone asked me what was wrong and I told them. They said I had imagined it.

When I got home, my mother told me that night that my favorite aunt had passed away. I can only assume that she came to say goodbye to me and wish me a happy birthday while I was at work. Even now as I write this I can tell she is here with me. Her name is Dorothy and I miss her very much.


Ghost Biker

At the time of this experience I lived in Derby England. It was about 3 or 4 in the morning and I was at the beginning of a journey to work after a weekend at home. I had to be at work by 8 a.m. and it was a 3 or 4 hour drive.

It was dark and raining a little as I set off and I was driving through the town on well lit streets, to get onto the motorway (freeway). As I approached a T junction where I intended to turn left I saw a figure standing in the middle of the 'T'. I judged him to be in his 20's. He had blonde hair and was wearing one-piece green biker leathers and biker boots.

At first I thought he'd fallen off his bike in the wet conditions so I slowed to take in the scene as I didn't want to endanger him by driving too close. Also, I thought there may be some wreckage on the road which I didn't want to drive into or over.

As I got close enough to make out the detail in my headlights I couldn't see any wreckage just the guy standing looking in my direction. As I approached he gave a lop-sided smile or leer and, standing still, turned his head to watch me as I made my left turn. That was the point where I knew this was something weird. It just didn't look right. When I looked back using the cars mirrors he had gone, just from one second to the other. It wasn't until then, as I was driving away, that I realized this had been a ghostly experience.


My Own Ghost Stories

Well, I have several.

When I was 14 my deceased Grandma started visiting. She always wore Roses, Roses by Avon. That's how I can tell she's here.

My baby died in 1999, and while she was still unborn I always called her my little bitterly. Now she sends me huge big butterflies, even when it's cold outside.

Then there is my dog, Pepsi. When I had to have him put to sleep, I was heartbroken. He was and still is my buddy. But when the vet called me on Monday to tell me about his remains, there was this huge rainbow in the sky. When I picked up his remains, in an envelope there was a poem about the rainbow bridge.

But even before all that I witnessed a fatal accident. I was holding one of the men when he died,and I still have dreams about him.

I know this all sounds like rambling, but it's all true!

Pamela Scott

The Tobacco Barn Ghost

This happened two years ago. I was with my cousin in a barn and we usually climb there all the time but, May 22,05 we were going to hang Tobacco and I went to the stripping room to get some tobacco sticks and I heard footsteps and then a quick flash.

Well I kinda thought that it was paranormal, so I went to my grandmother and asked her if there was a death in the barn a while ago. and she said yes, a man was working and the owner had been mad at the man for taking money from him and the owner killed the man with a pick axe.

The man had killed him in 1954. He had tried to cover up the scene but the body was found by a little girl after pulling up bloody water from the well. The owner was prosecuted for murder so now the barn is haunted, and boy is it cool to sleep in at night. It's kind of scary at first but my cousin and I talk to the man at night and it is creepy.

The well has actually caved in and they buried him on the same farm, but he's not seen much any more. So I personally think he's passed on for good.

Frank Smith

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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences

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