My Best Friend's Ghost Came Back To Let Me Know She Is OK

This story is about my best friend Bridgett. This happened five years ago (2002). Me and Bridgett were friends since kindergarten, we would always do stuff together and our mothers were best friends also.

Well one day Bridgett was trying to get a party together for all her friends and her mother tried to rent a cabin but they were all booked up so her mother told her that she was sorry but she is just going to have to wait for another weekend.

Well Bridgett was not having it, she wanted to have that party so she called her sister that she never ever talks to or has seen in a long time to help her get a hotel room. Her sister told her to come over and they would go get a room for her party.

Bridgett's sister lives about an hour from her so she calls Dustin (a friend) to go with her to her sisters and Dustin lives right down the road from me. They left about 12:00pm and Bridgett's mother got home from work it was about 5:00 and she was not home so her mother kept calling her and could not get her on her cell phone. She was very worried.

About an hour later she gets a phone call and it is the police saying that there has been a terrible accident and Bridgett had not made it. Bridgett's sister lived on a road that all the kids call the roller coaster road. It was big hills all through this road and all the kids would fly down this road just to get the rush.

Well me and my mother get a phone call about 10:00 pm that night from Bridgett's mother and all I hear is screaming in the background. I kept saying Hello and no one would say anything, just screaming so I put my mother on the phone and it was Bridgett's mother and she just kept saying my baby's dead over and over.

My mother was just saying, no Shelia no, and as soon as I hear that I put some clothes on and we left to go to Shelia's house right away. It was horrible. They said that Tina, Bridgett's sister was driving her car and they lost control on the roller coaster road and hit a tree. All three of them died that day and Tina was screaming when the police arrived and then they got life flighted out of there and the fire fighters were trying to get Tina out of the car and as soon and they released the pressure from Tina she died.

Every night I would cry my self to sleep because I just could not believe this had happened to her, it just did not seem right and it was so bad on me that I would wake up in the mornings and my face would be so swollen. It looked like I got bit by a bunch of bees.

Well to get to my ghost story a few days after this happened I was laying in bed almost asleep where I could kinda hear stuff but was really out of it. I felt something touch my forehead and I jumped up and seen a bright light. I was scared to death of what it could have been then all of a sudden I got really calm and Bridgett just popped in my thoughts and I was like, I guess she is telling me that everything is ok. So Bridgett gave me a kiss that night on my forehead and made me feel so good and know that she is ok. I know this is not scary but I just want to tell someone about it.

This car wreck was so bad that to this day there is still glass stuck in the tree and Bridgett had a pack of water in the trunk of her car and when we went to look at where she wrecked all of the bottles of water was scatted all trough the woods and none of them had water in them.

At the scene the fire fighters said that they have never seen a wreck as bad as this one. Bridgett was hanging out of the car and parts of her shorts were hanging in a tree. They said that her stomach was cut open from one side to the other. They did not even know that Dustin was in the car until they had seen fingers and they looked at Bridgett and she had all of hers and so did Tina so then they knew there was someone else.

We still don't know to this day why Tina was driving Bridgett's car, because she never let anyone drive it, not even her boyfriend. We think someone was chasing them that day because something just does not add up.

I got a call about three weeks later from one of Bridgett's friends saying that Bridgett was going to come get me that day to go with them. Now that's really scary because I would be dead right now if she did. Whatever made her change her mind about picking me up I thank her for that because I wouldn'y be here.

Contributed by Heather Pendrgraft and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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