My First Supernatural Experience

How I got interested in the supernatural

Last night I was thinking about how I got interested in the supernatural and decided to put it up, so that it may help someone make a more educated decision. I cannot give you a proper timeline as it started when I was around 8 - 9 years of age, I may have been older.

My uncle and Godfather, who was a gem of a person, expired from cancer. He was someone who to this day I look up to as a role model. Although I fall far short of the man he was, I usually find myself asking myself what would he do if he was in my situation, and then try to take a decision that he would have taken.

I heard of this ritual you do, where you sit in front of the mirror with the lights turned off, place a lit candle between you and the mirror, and concentrate hard through the flame on the spirit of the person you want to come to be your "Guardian Angel", the ritual says that if you see the person's image and at that very moment the flame goes out, the spirit will be with you helping you out all your life, but if you get fed up and tell it to leave, it will take something you value the most.

I thought at the time it would be a good idea to call on my Uncle. I now know that the earthbound spirits usually are the ones who answer, and not all of them want to help you too much, and, sometimes, I get angry with myself because I could think of disturbing someone for my own selfish reasons. I sat with my little candle in front of our mirror and concentrated, I saw an image of someone materializing in front of me and suddenly some breeze blew out the candle, this gave me a small scare and I jumped into bed and went to sleep. I was 8-9 years of age at the time. Trying to rationalize this incident in the morning, I dismissed it as just my imagination.

All was good for a while, I cannot give you guys a timeline as I have not maintained a Diary - journal. One night, I remember that it was Diwali holidays, my grandmother as usual put me to sleep and carried on to do her housework, suddenly I was woken up with a slap across my cheek. I looked up at this man with an unkempt beard, scar running across his right cheek, curly mop of hair on his head, wearing a yellow t-shirt with multicolored pin stripes running horizontally across the t-shirt, he looked at me with blood shot eyes and gave me this evil looking grin showing me his yellow teeth. He caught hold of my right hand and I pulled it back and tried to scream, I could not make a sound and then he faded off in front of my eyes. I climbed down and went looking for my grandmother. I did not sleep til she came to bed with me. You can call it a coincidence but the next day I broke my right hand.

Years went by and, I kept trying to rationalize this incident whenever I thought about it, but I could not give myself a logical explanation of what happened that night. I started reading about the spirit world, and, went through many books and magazines, spoke to a few friends about their experiences, and heard quite a few stories.

I like to face my fears and try to gain knowledge on things that I know nothing about. The more I read and researched, the more I was aware of all these things that were happening around me. I usually put them off as my imagination playing tricks on me, and, most of the times it may be just that. Although I read, researched and have had 5 unexplainable events occur in my life I will not go out and poke into the spiritual world anymore. I request everyone intending to venture down that road NOT TO! You may find something you don't want around you. I know that I DID.

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