Haunted House On Cochran Road

In the spring of 1978 my family and I bought a house in the country. I had just remarried and was looking for a fresh start after the death of my first husband who had died at 28 in a car accident where him and three other co-workers burned to death.

We had seven children all together. It wasn't long after we moved into the house when it all started. While making dinner one night with a friend we heard a male voice call out my name. We looked all over for who ever called out to me but, we weren't able to find anyone in the house. We both had heard this at the same time, so we knew we weren't crazy. This happened several times through out the time we lived there.

Later we would be sitting on the sofa, and we could see a tall dark figure pass down the hall. This was a daily thing. We called him momma's ghost, he took the same trail. There was no exit door at the end of the hall, if you went down the hall you had to come back up the same way to get back out. This continued to happen the 20 years we lived there.

The master bed room was haunted also. It seemed to be a strong ghost. It was loud, hitting the wall above my head, and the foot of the bed jarring me awake. This house is still in our family today it burned in 2005 but is still intact, with mostly water damage.

I had written the previous part earlier in the week about the haunted house on Cochran Road. We lived there for over 20 years and raised 7 children there. It was hard to finish all the paranormal things that took place over those years. As we know from the story before this one this house was on fire, the most haunted place I have ever heard of known to be true.

During the day all the kids were in school until 3:00, and I would lay across the bed after all my house work had been done for the day. While laying there resting, I would hear a basket ball bouncing, getting up to look outside there were no one there. This happened a lot. The house was off the road and was away from all other houses.

We also would hear a car pull into the drive way up to the back door where our drive way ended, we could hear them pulling up, the car shutting off, the door open and close, and foot steps coming toward the door. Getting up to answer the door expecting a door bell, that never came, no one was there.

The most memorable thing was one morning while making breakfast for myself. I was standing at the stove and looking in the den which was near the kitchen. I had the strangest feeling. Coming through the hallway door into the den, just there in mid air was a fog like mist. It was there for at least a while, it seemed like forever. I was scared that day. I had never seen anything like that before. Usually what I had seen had been there and then gone.

I called a friend to come get me that day, I was not at all comfortable in the house. I was looking for what ever it was to manifest right in front of my eyes. I didn't return home that day until everyone was there. My friend came in and she stated that she could feel a presence there strong enough that she could feel their desperation.

Written by Gail Gambrell and Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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