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My Ghost Experiences In The Old White House

In July of 2004, we moved into a gorgeous two story house. It was 120 years old and still standing. Numerous things started happening when we were moving in. We had never heard of any deaths in the house. So we thought that we were just hallucinating so we didn't think much of it until we started seeing stuff. In the beginning we would just be hearing stuff. But towards the end, we would start seeing stuff.

My little sister was 3 years old and her bedroom was on the second story right by the stairs which was beside my mom's room. One night she had woke up crying. So my mom rushed in there and asked her what was wrong. So she lifted up the blanket and my mom saw that she had red lipstick all over her legs. But there was not a lipstick bottle insight. She asked her who did it and she said a little girl named Sherry did it. And my mother was like "well who's Sherry," and my little sister said "she's the little girl hiding in my closet."

She slept in my moms room for the rest of that night. Of course my mom didn't believe her because all little kids have quite an imagination. As the days passed on she noticed that when she would was in her room she would be talking to someone. She would say various things when nobody was in there. But still she didn't believe her. When we finally got everything moved in we all felt way more relieved.

The Wind Chimes

One day my mom, my cousin, and his friend were setting in the office looking up stuff on the internet. All the windows were closed and there was no air flowing through the room whatsoever. My mom had just bought new wind chimes. They started to swing wildly and from that moment on there was dead silence in the room. No one knew what was happening. After a minute or so they started talking about what had just happened. They could not believe it. They had no idea how it happened because there was no air circulating at all.

The Basement Door

One late night around 12:00 midnight, my mom had woke up to get a drink. Right before you walk into the kitchen there's our basement door. My mom had walked past the door and right when she did it the door began to shake. My mom froze in time. She said she was about to pee her pants. Ever since then the whole family was scared of the basement door. I was terrified of the basement.

The Tall Man

One day my mom and step dad got in a fight so my step dad was going to sleep on the couch that night. He fell fast asleep. He woke up around 3:00. He said he had woke up because he had felt someone was watching his every move. When he opened his eyes there was nothing there so he fell back to sleep. But this time he had felt someone breathing on him. So it came to his surprise that someone was breathing on him. He said that it had looked like a tall man. So he got up and ran upstairs to get my mom . But when they came back downstairs they had discovered that the man was gone. My mom is the kinda person who wont believe it til she sees it.

So a couple of weeks later my mom had woke up again to the sound of a bunch of foot steps running down the stairs. She thought it was me and my sister so she got up and looked out her door, but no one was there. She walked into my room and noticed that me and my sisters were sound asleep. So she walked downstairs to see if anyone was down there. Nobody was.

On her way back up the stairs she noticed that in the upstairs living room there was a figure sitting down on the couch. The funny thing about it was that it was the same man my step dad had described to her. So she went over there to sit down because she thought of course that it was her imagination. After a few moments of the figure sitting perfectly still it had turned its head to look at her. She had then noticed that it was not her imagination. She freaked out and jumped up. She said "ok your really starting to freak me out." But when the figure didn't move she decided to go down stairs to the office to get her camera. But when she came back up it was gone. So she solemnly went back to bed.

The TV Flipping and Door Bell Rings

It had actually happened quite often that when were sitting down and watching TV it would start to flip channels. The first couple of times it would really freak us out. But then after a while we got use to it. The door bell would often ring very much. But when we had come to open the door, nobody was there. We would also get used to that.

The things that had happened in this house are totally true. I know what your thinking. "Well how do we know that?" Well it came to my moms suspicion to have a psychic come in and take a look at our house. She had said nothing was wrong with it and that we were probably just experiencing the scare of moving into a new home. But when she had reached my little sisters room she said she felt a tingle. And that the tingle was the little girl that my little sister had been trying to tell my mom about. From then on my mom believed my little sister.

A couple of months after we had moved in my mom and dad had some family members come over to visit. They slept in my little sister room. The next morning they woke up and said that they felt like some one had been holding them under water or that someone had been sitting on their chest the whole night. The never slept in that room again.

We moved out of the house a year later due to financial cost. And when we moved into our next house you would never believed what happened. The same stuff was happening!! But this time my mom was in no mood to play around so she had another psychic come to our house. And as soon as the lady walked through the door she said she felt a little girls presence. It was Sherry. She said the girl was completely harmless. So we didn't worry. But as time progressed and as we started moving more often we started to think that she was following us. But that is something no one will ever know.

Contributed by Kelsey and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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