The Book of Trinity Supernatural Horror Based Upon a True Story

Poltergeist activity, demonic possession and an Anglican Exorcism that went horribly wrong …

Taken from documentation written at the time, this novel – set between 1988 and 1993 – revolves around one woman’s struggle against poltergeist activity, demonic possession and ultimate Exorcism at her home in the quaint English village of Slapton, Buckinghamshire.

It is unknown how the demonic spirit came to be at the cottage, but its presence resulted in a battle ensuing between God and Satan as they waged war for souls.

Finding herself caught in the middle and desperate for salvation from the evil spirit and ghosts which resided with her, Joanna turned to the Church for help, only to discover that the Exorcist appointed for the task would be less than accommodating.


Book Of Trinity: True story. Poltergeist activity, possession and a failed exorcism

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Ancient Secrets of Mysterious America Revealing Our True Cosmic Destiny

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House of Darkness House of Light

After thirty years of keeping this story strictly to ourselves, the Perron family has finally divulged a closely-guarded secret. The saga has been released to the public in the form of a trilogy. It is a collective memoir; one that chronicles the numerous events which occurred in our home between 1970 and 1980.

Volume One of “House of Darkness House of Light” is the supernatural tale of seven mortals who moved into an ancient farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. We inadvertently embarked upon an extraordinary journey of spiritual enlightenment then left the farm a decade later, each fundamentally changed and absolutely certain that there is some form of existence beyond this realm.

Ed and Lorraine Warren became involved, investigating the haunting in the mid 70s, unleashing an unholy entity during a seance gone horribly wrong. The Warrens spoke often of their encounter, describing the Perron haunting as one of the most profound and compelling of their famous career as …

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Murders on Fork Mountain

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The Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets, The: Esoteric Societies and Holy Orders, Luminaries and Seers, Symbols and Rituals, and the Key Concepts of Occult Sciences Through the Ages and Around the World

Book Review

Step through the doorway into the secret traditions of the fascinating unseen spiritual world: its symbols, secret societies, and fascinating seers. This is a guide book without peer. Discover more than 100 secret symbols and their meanings and meet up with hundreds of legends and historical personages.

From the strange symbols on a one-dollar bill to the secret signs of the Knights Templar and Freemasons, invisible societies, and the world of magic and alchemy, The Book of Secrets is a comprehensive introduction to the world of secret and esoteric knowledge throughout history.

In the mystery tradition, “secrets” are levels of consciousness that are hidden from our normal mental state, the acquisition of a new point of view. The Book of Secrets delves into the world of the “occult,” the …

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The Poltergeist Phenomenon

Lately I have been reading a book about poltergeists. It is titled The Poltergeist Phenomenon an In-Depth Investigation Into Floating Beds, Smashing Glass, and Other Unexplained Disturbances.

If you are interested in learning about poltergeists this is one of the best books you will find on the subject. It is full of case studies and interviews about various poltergeist activity.

One story/case I thought was very interesting was referred to as The Demon of Olive Hill.

In Olive Hill, Kentucky two paranormal investigators saw objects being levitated in a home. The family who lived there wouldn’t allow the researchers to stay because they feared that they had brought demons along with them.

The story began in 1968 at the home of John and Ora Callihan in Olive Hill.

One day in late November, the family reported strange rumblings in the house. Glass shattered in a picture of Jesus and furniture moved… From then on about 200 incidents were

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Witches Almanac Stones and the Powers of Earth

January 9th, 2011 by Caretaker 

Mysteries Lost History and Legends of Ancient America

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Man-Made Monsters

Man-Made Monsters: A Field Guide to Golems, Patchwork Solders, Homunculi, and Other Created Creatures

Book Review by the CareTaker

Many of the fears that most of faced as children involved “things” like ghosts and monsters. Some of the scariest creatures imagined were more likely to be thought of as creations of humans rather than being of supernatural origin. Even still, a creature such as a golem or a “Frankenstein’s Monster” is very often thought of as being demonic or “of the Devil”. The idea was that such constructs could not have a soul from God therefore the life they feigned must have come from something evil.

Man-Made Monsters is full of interesting information and tidbits about the monsters that have been created by mankind ~ at least in our minds, myths and lore. I am sure there are those who believe the story of the so-called Frankenstein monster was based more in truth than others. And perhaps there was more …

November 9th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Encyclopedia Of Haunted Places

October 18th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Encyclopedia of the Undead

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Childrens Experiences With the Paranormal

Although it was long ago I can still remember the eerie feelings I sometimes got when I was sure that there was something under the bed. Sometimes I would lay as still as I could hoping that maybe “it” would not notice me. I would be as silent as possible so that if that thing did come out at me I would hear it and perhaps have a chance to get away.

Children have always been fascinated with (and often terrified of) the paranormal world. They wonder about such things as ghosts and monsters and other strange things. The paranormal is real and it has been shown that children are more attuned to “noticing” it than adults who have been desensitized.

I recently obtained a copy of a book titled There’s Something Under the Bed – Children’s Experiences With the Paranormal written by Ursula Bielski. If you are interested in learning about paranormal experiences of children because of your own …

September 3rd, 2010 by Caretaker 
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