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The Hooded Beings - My Ghost Story

This event happened many years ago, but it is still fresh in my memory. To this day I find no explanation for this story which I am about to share, but it is something I will always remember and is the only paranormal experience I have had.

During one summer night I had been finishing a long night at the office. Feeling very tired, I decided to call it quits. As I glanced at the clock I was not surprised that many hours had passed, I had been used to staying late on the job. Looking out the window it was pitch black outside. I made my way to my car. The commute home was a long trip past long winding roads and highways, and miles and miles of country. I had taken this commute for many years and I grew used to it. So much that it sometimes felt as if not 10 minutes had gone by that I was already home.

On this particular night it was rainy and there grew a thick fog. Making my way to my car, I noticed a certain stillness in the air. I began my routine journey home. It seemed as if only minutes had passed and I suddenly noticed an obstruction in the road, stepping hard on the brakes. In my headlights I noticed a very strange sight. There appeared to be a procession, of men, which bore the resemblance of monks. Wearing identical robes which hid their bodies, I could not make out any face amongst them.

These beings did not appear to have any individual features but were the same height and continued in a straight line without stopping or turning to either side. Neither did they notice my car which was no more than 5 yards away. I stared in disbelief as this procession walked into the nearby forest and disappeared into it. Terrified, I could not keep my eyes of this strange sight, when suddenly they vanished before my eyes.

During this night I felt very shaken, and I was anxious to arrive home. When I finally made my way home I tried to make sense of this sight but could not. I have shared the story of this strange event to a few friends and they could not offer any insight. I have never believed in paranormal stories but I there is no other explanation for this event.

Recently I have found similar stories online which seem very similar. They describe a group of robed beings which have been sighted around the same area that I live. To this day I can not drive past that area without remembering this strange sight.

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