How To Make Your Own EVP Recordings

In the field of paranormal investigation, one of the easiest and most effective methods of research involves the making of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recordings. The basic concept behind EVP is that the spirits of those who have passed on through the process of death can utilize the electrical energy in a recording device to implant a message on the media that can be heard when it is played back.

The equipment used to attempt to capture these messages and comments is very simple. Most research is done with micro-recorders, hand-held audiocassette recorders, compact disc or digital recording machines. While preference is currently being given to digital recorders, the older analogue cassette recorders will also function quite well for the work at hand.

A good way to test your equipment to see if it can give the best results is to turn the volume control up as high as it will go or until you can hear the hiss of white noise. Then you will turn the volume back a notch or so and record for a couple of minutes. You will then play the recording back and listen to what background noise can be detected. If all you hear is the normal sounds of your present environment then the recorder will be useful in your pursuit of EVP's. If you instead hear squeals of feedback or other electronic interference then the machine will not serve your purpose.

Once the equipment is tested for effective recording you will want to go to the location you are attempting to contact any spirit entities. Graveyards are very popular for the obvious reasons. There is also some indication that spirits can become "trapped" in the area of a violent or unnatural death, or sometimes even just where they were at the moment of their physical death. These places can also serve as effective locations for EVP recording.

You will want to sit still while recording. Walking around either by yourself or with a group can inadvertently cause you to pick up the noise of footsteps or your companions' conversations and drown out the elusive messages that may be left by the spirits you are seeking. Do not nervously rub the machine as this can cause vibrations that will overshadow the possible EVP. Avoid areas that have strong powerlines around as the electromagnetic field of these power transfer systems often produce an overwhelming electrical hum.

Talk to any possible spirits in the area. Ask questions. Remember to always leave a space of time between questions to allow your target to interject their responses to you. If you have the time, stop every half-hour or so and play back your recording. It is possible that if your questions have been answered, you will be able to reply with more focused questions in the next session for an even better EVP experience.

While some of the more popular and well known paranormal investigators sometimes feel the need to be aggressive or forceful to get an EVP, this is not a recommended tactic. The spirits you are seeking are not playthings for your amusement but the spirit energy of formerly living humans and such rudeness may either offend them into saying nothing or anger them into taking whatever physical effects they can muster to either attack or confound you. Courtesy to those who have passed over is as respectful to the dead as it is to the still corporeal.

After your session, it is important to play back your recordings several times to make sure you have identified all the sounds that are present and make sure you can catch and understand what inexplicable voices as may be on your recording. The voices of EVP's can be sometimes very faint. You may get only a word or two at times and sometimes you may be rewarded with entire sentences. Make sure that you have not recorded some talking by those in your group. This will make the unexplained voices stand out and help prove that you have made contact with some other person who has passed from the mortal realm of existence and into the realm of those who are currently existing solely in an energy form.

Make logs of the times and places you made the recordings. Research the area you are going to and follow up with more if you have caught some conversation on your tape. The entity may help you identify itself beyond a reasonable doubt by letting you know where to find information on its past life.

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford, Copyright 2008 All rights reserved. May not be republished in any form.

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