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Old Man's Ghost Still Hanging Around

When I was seven my mother remarried and we moved into a rental house in a growing town of Alabama. The house sat on the corner of a dead end road and the start of another road. The dead end went around to the back of the house into a garage in a basement and the house was surrounded by woods. When you look at the front of the house it looks only one story.

We rented this house from the previous owner's son. It was owned by an elderly couple and the man had died a few years before on the way to the hospital and the woman stayed in the house until she could not care for herself and she was put in a nursing home and the house was rented to us.

The basement was also like a little apartment off the garage part. That was where the washer and dryer were and a sink and cabinets. I had an older brother and that was where his room was. There was a room next to his that held the belongings of the elderly lady and we were not to go in there. It was mostly furniture and stuff but my brother blocked it off and never thought about it.

The first "haunting" happened one night when my parents were waiting for my brother to come home from being out with friends. He came in and went down to the basement. About five minutes later my parents heard loud fast footsteps running up the stairs and open and slam the door. My step dad was concerned and went out looking for my brother and didn't see him. When he went down to the basement my brother was in his bed asleep and when he woke him up to ask him if he ran up the stairs he said no he had went straight to bed.

Other things happened as well mostly around the basement and the steps. My brother said he heard things in the room next to his where their stuff was all the time. One day he was standing at the foot of the basement steps tying up some garbage and heard the door at the top of the steps open and shut and footsteps running down the stairs and felt someone push him. When he turned quickly to yell at me that he thought pushed him there was no one there.

Another time we were in Ohio visiting relatives and had my uncle and his friend watch the house for us. My uncle was asleep in my parents room and his friend on the couch with the front door behind him. He heard someone unlock the dead bolt and open the front door and he could feel the presence of someone behind him. He lay still pretending to be asleep and what ever it was turned and went back out the door shutting it behind them. He jumped up to look out the window and there were no cars or people outside. The only people that had keys to the us were us and my uncle.

We only lived there for a year and my parents actually wanted to buy the house but the people wouldn't sell it. When my mom mentioned the things that had been happening to the owner who was the son he just nodded his head like he knew it but didn't want to talk about it.

I never saw anything or noticed anything I guess because I was so young but I was later told about it. I also stayed sick with something whether it be a cold or a virus the whole time we lived there.

Another thing that was odd was we had a cat that had been both an inside and outside cat but the whole time we lived there she never came in the house and her eyes would change colors when she was in there. I have heard that pets can sense a presence.

When we moved my step father jokingly said out loud as we were getting the last of the stuff out that we were leaving and he was welcome to come with us if he wanted. My mother did not find it humorous. He was a nice ghost I guess and we assumed it was the elderly man that died on the way to the hospital. Shortly after we left another family moved into the house and the girl was a teenager and I still had friends in the neighborhood so I was able to meet her and I told her of the things we had encountered and she seemed to believe me but didn't really say much. They eventually bought the house and I think still live there today.

Not all ghosts are bad. You can't always see them but you know they are there.

Contributed by Leslie and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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