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Hell's Church Cemetery EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Recording

I live in Canton, GA. There is an old church and cemetery down the street from my house. It is known as Hell's Church. Built in the 1800's and burnt down in 1990 by vandals. It has since been re-built. Believed to be a place of devil worshiping. There are two huge oak tree's that are known as " The hanging trees"where people were hung. There is supposedly a lot of activity around that tree, the church has activity too. You can hear a piano play, lights flicker on and off, etc. There is also a cemetery directly across the street. Graves go back to the late 1880's. Also several children are buried here. Well to make a long story as short as possible, one night after work my co-worker and her boyfriend decided to pay the church a visit. Another thing about this place is that it is in the middle of nowhere, way way back in the woods. You'd seriously be screwed if your car broke down and its on a one lane road.

It was about 8 pm on 10/25/2007 we were walking around in the cemetery and went to " The Bench" this is where a lot of investigators have experienced activity. Leigh and Scott decided to walk up to the woods, where there is a single grave. I stayed back at the bench and decided to try using the voice recorder on my Blackberry Pearl phone, just hoping to catch something, You will hear my friend and I talking about this woman's grave and how it appeared as if she were 108 years old when she died, then you will hear me say well that woman can stay 108. Right after that you will hear what sounds like a whisper, saying 92, 52, 102, behind you or got you. I cant tell and my friends and family have had a hard time deciding what is being said. Maybe you can tell me. All I know is that we were by ourselves and it was pitch black outside.. It was weird to because it was like 40 degrees that night and I was burning hot. I cant explain that. Please let me know what you think.

Note from the True Ghost Tales webmaster:
This EVP was sent in to us by Aimee Bevel. When I listened to this EVP it sounded to me like the mysterious voice says "Bobby Joe", When I informed Aimee of this she said that it was 'freaky' because there was a tombstone right next to where she captured the ghostly recording with the name "Bobby J" on it! She even sent us a picture of the tombstone (included below). Hint: The mysterious ghostly whipser happens about 20 seconds into the recording.

Listen to this EVP and head on over to our Paranorma Forum and post your thoughts about it. The forum is free and easy to join and you will find a post about this in the Electronic Voice Phenomenon section titled "New Hell's Church Cemetery EVP Added To The Site."

Click Play To Listen

Hell's Church Cemetery EVP

Aimee has also submitted a very interesting ghost picture

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