The Fun Haunting Investigation of the Iceland Ice Arena

Del Paso Heights By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter

This Thanksgiving weekend, I tried to scare myself by watching two TV shows called Moonlight and Ghost Whisperer. Both shows didn't scare me one bit. So, let's try the 1989 horror movie Pumpkinhead and a Russian made horror movie called Daywatch. Pumpkinhead stunk and Daywatch had good Matrix effects, but the storyline was blurry and confusing. If you want to see a good horror movie, see Stephen King's The Mist, I had two free tickets and took my buddy Holly Nicola to see it, she loved it and I have to say I loved it. I shouldn't have to watch movies to get scared, maybe in my upcoming investigations, I can really get scared. I can only hope and see. I have two investigations that I will be discussing in this article. Thursday, November 29, 2007 is a second look at the Asevedo Residence. Then Friday, November 30, 2007, I will be investigating the Iceland Ice Arena at 1403 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento. Some of the HPI paranormal investigators will actually being investigating this haunted ice arena and also will be ice skating. Will I get a scared from this arena? I have my fingers crossed.

As a ghosthunter and ghostwriter for HPI, I love going over my emails, to see if there are any places I can scout out as HPI's official scoutmaster. Here is an email that caught my eye:

"Hi there, When my grandmother was a young woman and still in Sweden, she and her friend were walking home one night when they encountered a creature that was about half the height of a person and had a head the size of an orange. They ran to a house and it followed them there. When a family answered the door, the man said "What in Christ's name do you have with you?" At the sound of the name of "Christ", the creature literally flew across the street. The woman and child in the house couldn't see this creature and the next morning, they were both dead. My grandmother never knew what to think of this creature but was a deeply clairvoyant woman. I looked into the different troll lore in the different regions of Sweden and found that trolls did in fact react negatively to religious invocations... Curious, eh? They were also shape shifters and could move very quickly. I think its possible my grandmother and her friend encountered a troll..." (Name withheld upon request)

It seems that when I write articles, that I get instant responses from the readers and fans that surf the web to find my stories. The story that inspired this email was my article "A Look at Elves and Fairies". From what she tells me from this email, trolls could actually exist. Sweden a place where my father and his wife Cindy visited is filled with mysterious oddities, they recently took a picture of what looks like a Unicorn on the mountains near Sweden. Sweden is definitely on my list of places to scout out in the future. The closest I have ever been to Sweden is when I flew over Sweden, Norway and Finland on my way to Moscow and finally leaving Moscow. From what I could see in the air, the land is massive. If trolls could hide somewhere, it would be any one of these three countries in the Northern hemisphere. My father and his wife Cindy visited Sweden, Norway & Finland and they have pictures of wooden trolls that are placed strategically around the landscape. The people of this land, definitely believe in 'little people'.

As I look over possible places to scout out, I remember encountering Tashawna Sumner, Manager of Athome Productions - she tells me that Nevada City is very old and I explain to her that Nevada City is a place I want to scout out for possible haunting activity. She perked up when hearing this and wants me to maintain contact with her in regard to my investigation of Nevada City. Tashawna is a resident of Nevada City.

It seems like I have plenty of places to investigate, I recently found out that when we did a scouting mission at Mt. Shasta, that back in 1930 a guy named Guy Ballard met the immortal Count St. Germaine on Mt. Shasta. (Read more about the Mount Shasta investigation) At the time Count St. Germaine was creating another brotherhood order called 'I AM'. I think back and wish I could have spent more time on Mt. Shasta. This was one of my top-of-the-line pre-investigations. As I think back to Mt. Shasta, I throw on some music 'Burning Down the House by The Talking Heads' and scan through some of Holly DeLaughter's pictures in her paranormal photo album found here:

During the week, I met up with 2 fans of the paranormal that have ghost stories to share with me. The first one was Michelle Ingalls. Her story was quite intriguing. Michelle had reoccurring dreams of her two girlfriends Kim and Linda. Kim died of an aneurysm at the age of 13 and her girlfriend Linda died of a massive head injury from a car collision. One of the dreams she vividly remembers is that Kim and Linda came to visit her. They were discussing their deaths with Michelle and talked about how many years that they have been dead. When Michelle woke up, she calculated the time of their deaths and discovered that they said the correct amount of years from when they died up to the present time when Michelle was dreaming this. This made Michelle a believer in the afterlife. Michelle had other dreams that were like warning signs in her life. Michelle recalls while being awake, opening the door and seeing a white misty figure in the doorway, she believes until this day it was Kim.

Another lady named Rachel Youngblood told me that when she visited her great grandmother's grave, she felt compelled to take a picture and when the picture was developed, she saw that there was a huge orange orb over her great grandmother's grave. The grave was located in San Jose. When I left Rachel Youngblood and Michelle Ingalls at Starbucks, I received a phone call. An independent paranormal investigator not associated with HPI calls and tells me to come to the Governor's Mansion on 1526 H Street. The independent paranormal investigator named Angeline Maria Tabaras is waiting patiently for me in front of the Governor's Mansion. She enthusiastically shows me some of the photos she took of orbs that seem like they are drifting from the front doorway. She plays back an EVP and asks me what the EVP says. I listen and it's the voice of a man and it says: "why are you here?" Could that have been the voice of a former deceased Governor of California? Angeline has given me a good tip, it appears that the Governor's Mansion is haunted. I remember back that Nancy Reagan said she didn't want to live in the Governor's Mansion, because it's haunted. I guess Nancy was right.

Now I am ready to tell you about the residential haunting investigation that took place on November 29, 2007. One of the great things about the Internet, we can immortalize all of our investigations right in cyberspace, I can share my investigations with you, the paranormal aficionado almost in real time. I am gathering up an HPI splinter group of paranormal investigators that will consist of Kristen Shelley/Researcher; Jennifer Baca/Scout, Cherie Vincent/Scout. It's time for the Asevedo residential haunting investigation on Moonlight Way! The time is 1900 hours. The HPI splinter group arrives at my home. Two of the investigators are hungry, Jennifer and Cherie. I fed them both, a strange dinner I learned from my mother, that consists of cabbage, onions, peppers, hamburger meat, steak meat, tomato sauce, spices over hot rice. When going on an investigation, it's best to have a full stomach. I learned that one from my dad, who was a tax investigator. Also, on the Asevedo residential haunting investigation, I have two paranormal investigators-in-training, they are: Tiffany and Janice Cameron. Janice is equipped with video camera and digital camera. The core members have two digital cameras, 2 Listen up Sound Enhancers and 2 electronic digital audio recorders. Nick Asevedo, the occupant of the home shows us around his home with his friend Trumane Bell observing.

Some history on why Nick's home may be haunted. Nick lived in a home in Reno, Nevada that was haunted. A small child died in the bathtub of this home. This ghostly child was the childhood friend of Nick. When Nick visited his grandparents, he touched some of the objects from this Reno home and may have brought the spirits to his home. The haunting activity started just a few months ago.

We were unsuccessful in retrieving EVPs this night, because other family members and friends showed up to witness how ghosthunters operate when doing an investigation. There was too much audio interference due to conversations by the people who were present in this home.

Photographic evidence that needs to be analyzed are photos with orbs in them. Kristen captures an oblong lopsided orb, which is quite unusual. Kristen also captures what might be a Shadow Person. You can make the outline of a head and a very long torso. The preliminary investigation of this home by paranormal investigator Debbie Talani was successful in retrieving EVPs. The only way to capture EVPs is having complete silence in this home, unfortunately with the primary investigation I was not able to obtain EVPs due to Nick's captive audience of friends and family. Results: Inconclusive.

Now let's jump in Doctor Who's Tardis and jump one day ahead in time. It's now November 30, 2007, Friday. I jump on the lightrail and head over to the Iceland Ice Arena. I have a casual chat about my ghosthunting adventures with Rebecca Botelho from A Floral Affair as I wait for the lightrail to stop in front of Iceland.

As I wait outside, HPI paranormal investigators that show up are: Shannon McCabe - President; Tim Hawkins - Lead Investigator; Kristen Shelly - Researcher; Holly DeLaughter, Jacqueline Danziger-Russell, Kymbea Goodenough, Natasha Banning, Paul Orlando, James Subido, John Shue, Robin Kanstein, Justin Kohn, Nancy Towne and of course me...Paul Dale Roberts.

While we investigated the premises, we also received a tour from Chris Lord and a little girl (his cute daughter). Chris and his daughter took us over to the ice factory next door. Chris explained to us that 50 tons of ice can be made in 3 large containers at this factory. This factory supplies all of the ice for the ring next door. The ghostly presences that have been felt are tappings on the shoulder, hearing a baby cry, once Chris heard someone say 'hi'. He says that he has seen pictures of orbs around the arena and once someone took a picture of 4 orbs floating in unison over the ring. Theory is that the ghosts that haunt the ring are the former owners. Housed in this factory is a 1896 generator. Stephen McCarthy Sr., (an employee) says that a woman employee has heard voices in the arena. Stephen says that the ring was built in the 1940s and the ice plant next door was built in the 1920s. Strange noises have been heard around the brime tank in the factory too.

Remember I said I wanted to be scared. Well, the only thing I was scared about was being frozen to death on the ice ring if I were to slip and fall on the ice. Shannon was amazed to see my ability on the ice ring. I did a triple backward flip with a bellyflop projectile swing, with a coup de maitre vertigo wing stroke. Okay, okay...I'm fibbing. To be honest with you, I didn't even go on the ice ring, I am not good with ice. I know how to roller skate, but roller skating is a whole lot different from ice skating. Shannon, Tim, Kristen and some other HPI members did an excellent job ice skating, I merely watched. As for finding any ghosts this night, no such luck, but we all had a lot of fun. Why would ghosts want to interrupt all this good fun?

As I close this article, I want to mention that last night I received a call from a 'Becka' in Arkansas. She explains to me that she played with an Ouija Board in trying to communicate with her deceased father. Instead of communicating with her father, she found out she was communicating with a demon. The demon has now been entering her dreams and has made life threatening comments to her. I discovered she has never been baptized. I suggested to her that she needed to get baptized as soon as possible and to toss out her Ouija Board into a river, or bury it away from her home. Do not ever burn an Ouija Board, legend has it that you will be cursed. It is claimed that the curses can lead to an early demise of the person who burned the Ouija Board. I am now in touch with Becka and I am walking her through this cleansing process.

Shannon McCabe did an excellent job in coordinating this haunting investigation at the ice arena and placed us all in the mood for Christmas! HPI wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a glorious Happy New Year!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI & Haunted America Tours Ghostwriter, Ghosthunter
Email: JazmaPika @
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
Copyright © 2007 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved.

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