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The Ghost In My Dreams Is Real

This is what you might call a story in progress. The events I am about to share with you happened in the house my parents built, and still occupy. I say in progress, because every once and a while there is a new chapter to add to this story. I suppose I should give a bit of background.

I grew up in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains, which for those of you unfamiliar is the lower half of the Appalachians. The town of my birth is very small indeed, it is a poor farming community where everyone knows everyone and most of the land you and yours live on has been handed down through many generations. Remnants of the native Cherokee population are everywhere you look, arrow heads in the fields are easily discovered after a summer shower, or the a plowing of the field. Pottery shards and other evidence of the early settlers are abundant. Suffice to say, the parcel in which my mother and father built their house was land handed to them by my great grandfather who himself heired the property from his grandfather, and was certainly not the first settlement, just the most recent.

Now as I have stated their house they built themselves and from the ground up. However there is evidence of an old homestead within viewing distance of my mother's porch, as there is a large chimney standing alone in a small forest of trees. There is also evidence of earlier settlement by way of iron works we so often find in our gravel driveway after a strong rain. It is not uncommon to find old pieces of horse's shoes, to tools, or utensils, used by smithies.

When my sister, my brother, and myself were children, we had rooms on the second floor (the main floor, as we have a basement) all within a wall of each other. That is to say that my sister and I shared a wall, and my brother and I shared a wall, though I must admit that my brother when he was much younger generally slept in the bed with my sister. I think it bears mentioning here that I am the oldest of 3 and I am 3 years older than my sister who is in turn 2 years older than my brother. Not a lot of difference when you are in your 20's, but an eternity when you are 9,6, and 4.

During these early years it was certainly not uncommon for us to hear footsteps in the hall way, though we always attributed this to one of the other ones returning from the kitchen with a late night snack or water. It wasn't until later on we would realize that all 3 of us would hear these things.

I had at one point a hi-fi system that my father had given to me that he must have bought in the late 70's as it had an 8 track player attached. The curious thing about the stereo was that for some reason if you stood in a particular spot in my room, the radio, no matter the station would lose its signal and become very fuzzy. Bear in mind I knew my room very well, and knew that I could be anywhere else, except this one small area, and reception would be fine. I at this age very much enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of the radio, and would of course leave it on through the night as I slept. Gradually I began to notice that at certain times, the signal would disappear, in the manner that I just mentioned. I always wrote this off as just a minor annoyance, until one night, when I was in the stages between the waking world and the dreaming world it happened, and my immediate dreamy response was "get out of the way you are blocking the signal". Immediately the station cleared up and the radio came back on, as clear as ever and only then did I realize I was talking to myself. The next day I wrote it off as coincidental, and went on with my day.

A year or so later, and this is the event that finally brought the 3 of us together to share our experiences, the 3 of us had settled in for the evening. My sister had the first room to the left in the hallway, and that shared a wall with our living room area. Against that wall was my mothers desk, and the family's computer. The next door to the left was my room, which as I mentioned shared a wall with my sisters, and then my brother's room was directly across from mine and to the right. Sometime in the night I heard my sister talking to someone, and them a moment or 2 later I heard my brother speaking to someone. This was very late in the night, well after midnight, but again I thought that one of the two had visited the other and that they were now safely in there beds. I would soon find out that I was wrong on all accounts.

I fell asleep shortly there after, and not long I would imagine after I had entered the REM part of the sleep cycle I had a very strange dream. I dream I was walking from the kitchen down the hall and past my sister's room, when I saw the glowing figure of an older woman sitting at the computer. I immediately knew something within this seen was not right, and I ran towards my sister's door, but to no avail. It was as though some invisible force was pulling me in the opposite direction, like trying to run through water if you will. Well, the pressure my body felt sent me out of my dream state, and as I woke I could still feel the pressure on my arms, legs, and torso. I was to find out many years later this is commonly referred to as night paralysis.

I of course woke with a start, and was still a bit hung-over from the whole experience. I decided to get up for a glass of water, and mull over the still extremely vivid dream.

As I got into the kitchen I could see that the light of my parents room were on, and I could hear my sister very panicky. I was of course concerned and went up stairs to see what the commotion was about. When I got to the top of the steps, I could see my sister was visibly stressed and asked what the matter was. My sister told me that she had been listening to "someone" typing on our computer for the last 20 mins, knowing full well no one was there, and was scared half out of her wits. Well, I think you can imagine the shock that I experienced after having the dream I had just had. After talking to my sister a little more about this I was also surprised when she asked my why I didn't answer her when she told me to get out of her room earlier in the evening. I explained to her that I had not been in her room, so she assumed it must have been my brother. When he was asked the next morning, he simply replied that he was going to ask me the same thing. I realized that those had been the voices I had heard so close to each other the night before coming from their rooms, they had both heard foot steps in their rooms they thought to be another one of us....

There have over the years been other strange things happen, my cousin and next door neighbor, with his "imaginary" friend Johnny who has red eyes, and seems to have come from a spot in the woods where an old and forgotten graveyard is located. It bears mentioning Johnny was always trying to find his mother whom he said he lost. I have CLEAR pictures of an orb surrounding my father and my niece that I took with a brand new digital camera not 2 years ago, and of course other strange dreams......Perhaps I will share more of these later.

Contributed by Jeremy and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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