The Nanny Ghost

Our family, my husband, three sons and infant daughter, moved into the house at 1102 Truman St, MO in February 1967. There were two bedrooms upstairs, a large one on the south and smaller one on the north and one downstairs on the north side of the house. We made the boys room in the large room upstairs and our daughter slept in her crib in our room downstairs.

Almost nightly I could hear the sound of foot steps coming from the spare room upstairs on the north and thought one or all of the boys were playing around but when I went upstairs, they were all tucked in and asleep in their beds.

During the summer I made the north bedroom our room. One afternoon while the children were down for a nap on our bed, my middle son began yelling for me. I ran upstairs and he was sitting straight up in bed crying out and pointing to the door saying there was an old woman standing in the doorway. I assured him there was no one there but it was of little comfort to him.

One afternoon, as I was going in to check on my daughter, I stopped at the foot of the stairs and was drawn to look up. As I did, I saw the silhouette of a woman standing at the top of the stairs, in front of the window. I could tell it was a woman, wearing a long dress down to just above her ankles which had a high neckline, ruffled with long sleeves with ruffles. It contoured down to her waist then fell down over her hips. She was wearing high topped shoes with laces and had a long scarf on her head that came down to her shoulders. She didn't move and I felt no fear but after blinking she was gone. For some reason I felt as though everything was alright. I never spoke of what I saw to anyone.

Thanksgiving, 1982 we were all together, my middle son told of the time he saw the old lady. When asked what he was talking about, he told of how she would sit on the side of their bed and read to them. The other boys all said they saw her also but stuck their heads under the covers.

I never found out who she might have been or why she was still there but felt at ease as though she was helping to look out for my children.

Contributed by Mary P. and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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