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Smoke and Roses

I don't know if this is going to be interesting enough to put on here, but I just thought I'd tell you anyway.(sorry it's so long)

I live in England, and when I was little my grandma used to tell me about her family, and that her dad used to smoke 'like a chimney'. Then I started to notice that when we were in her house, she'd suddenly stop dead and sniff the air. One day I asked her what she was doing and she just used to say "Can you not smell it?" but I didn't know what she meant.

Then, one day we were watching TV and I smelt cigarette smoke. I knew what it smelt like, even when I was little, because my dad smokes too, and it's quite distinctive. Anyway, my grandma just looked at me, like she knew I was smelling the same thing as her. Then she explained. She said she'd been able to smell cigarette smoke for years, just at odd moments when it would creep up on her. But it was strange because neither she or my granddad smoked. She said she could smell roses sometimes, too. But not as frequently as the cigarettes. She thinks that it's her dad coming to check up on her, just every now and then, but it doesn't explain the roses, and why I can now smell it too. The rest of my family think we're mad, because they can't smell anything at all!

When I was little, and I was in my grandma's house upstairs I was playing with my walkie-talkies. I had one at one side of the room and the other in another. It's silly, but I was trying to see what my voice sounded like at the other end! Then, they went all crackly, and I heard a voice over the one I was holding (yes, really!!) It said something like "Guess who it is, now, guess who it is..." and being little, I was quite curious, and listened until it began to scare me, then I turned it off. I told my grandma, and she looked at the walkie-talkies for me, but couldn't explain how they did that. I've heard about walkie-talkies picking up other signals from else where, but looking back, it was pretty weird.

Also, in my house (which strangely enough is only about 30 years old) I keep hearing strange noises. About two weeks ago I was in bed and it was about 2 AM. I had heard my dad go to bed hours ago because he had work the next day and my mom had gone up to bed at about 9. I heard my dad go into the bedroom and close the door, but then five minutes later, I distinctly heard footsteps down my landing and then they paused outside my door and then went downstairs. It was quite loud, because the stairs and floorboards creak. I was freaked out by this time, and then realized that if it was my mom or my dad then I would have heard their door open, because the handle is new and stiff and squeaks when you use it.

The footsteps didn't return upstairs and when I asked my mom in the morning she said I was imagining things. This has happened more than once, and I keep hearing people talking together when there's only me alone, or my mom and me in the house. I keep asking my mom what she's saying and then she tells me she's not saying anything!

I keep seeing black shapes out of the corner of my eyes in the kitchen, and I won't go in the conservatory at night because it makes me feel like I'm being watched from one certain window (even though we have blinds at every window and the French doors).

I'm not sure if you'd really class the walkie-talkie thing as phenomena, and I don't know if you find this interesting or not, but it's quite enough for me to be going along with!

Contributed by Isabella Twidle and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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