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Beyond Haunted

I first noticed the world of the paranormal a year before I went to Arkansas. We lived in a trailer we had rented from my Dad's boss. Oddly enough his job was across the road from our trailer. It was a small truck driving business two friends owned. My Dad worked for them delivering for all kinds of companies in Houston.

We first noticed something was wrong with the trailer a week after we had moved in. My parents were startled awake by me screaming and hitting their door trying to get in. I was so scared I knocked holes in the door and I was only nine. I told them I had seen big red eyes in my closet. They thought someone had broke in the house and was killing me by the way I screamed. My Dad made me and my Mom stay in the back while he got the gun and checked out the house. No broken windows, everything was locked, and no one was in the house except us.

They asked me again what exactly it was I saw in my room. I told them once again it opened up and two red eyes appeared. I told them they looked at me and it laughed at me. Now when I say laugh it was not like anything a human could make with just normal vocal chords.

That's when my Dad told me to go to sleep because I was just dreaming. It waited a week and it happened the same way again. My parents were getting upset a little. They didn't know if they should punish me for acting bad or if maybe I did see something. Some of my friends came over one weekend to stay. Saturday night while we all were in the living room it sounded like someone was in the room messing around. We weren't stupid we did hear no window break or open. Besides what criminal cuts the light on in a room when people are still up?

We heard the closet door in there open and then foot steps. Then the light came on. Then silence fell in the room and we all were scared stiff waiting for what ever it was to open the door. We couldn't move we were sop scared over it. When we seen the door knob turn we ran to my parents all crying and screaming. That's when my Dad started asking anyone who had stayed there before us about this place.

A guy had bought it before my Dads boss got it. The guy told my Dad only that it happened to him to. His family got it from some guy for real cheap for a trailer that nice and that big. No catch to it was ever told but there was one, a big dark one.

The guy found out from someone who knew about a family that got shot to death in the trailer. The way they described the shooting it was extremely graphic and brutal. It was to the point if they wouldn't of had relatives that knew they lived there, no one would have been able to identify them.

The relatives heard one of the cops tell them the husband didn't die instantly. He managed to survive until the cops got there because he saw knew the killers who did it. The man told the police who done it but they never found anyone. The guy died in the yard but before he did he plotted revenge on the people who shot him. He said if he had to come back from hell he would still get the bastards who did this. Then he shut his eyes and died.

The trailer had to be gutted and remodeled from the frame on the end of the house that I kept seeing the red eyed thing. It used to be one large living room area, but when the two kids and wife got shot that's where they were at.

Anyways this went on constantly to that guys family and after 3 weeks he said he got his family out. He said man be careful in there with your family. My Dad said I aint worried about no ghost if that's what you are saying. He said yeah I thought the same thing to, but I was wrong. My Dad said man ghost can't hurt you man and the guy said no it wont but the other thing in there can. By that time my Dad had got on another subject and blew the whole ghost thing out of mind. It came a point my Dad had to make long over night runs to Louisiana. During this time once every night something would walk down the hall. My Mom would see something dark in the hall out of the corner of her eye. She would check everything and it was always locked but when she would go back into the living room where she just came from the front door and bedroom would be unlocked and wide open.

It happened every night once and my Dad never seen nothing except hazes and shadows in the middle of the night. He never had it do something as big as what it did to others that came over. My Boss asked if something funny was happening to him yet and my Dad said man you are all on that kick aint you!? He told my Dad it wasn't no kick and he should listen to them. We moved later on but not because of the hauntings because of money problems.

We now live in Louisiana and I have seen things worse here, but not in my house and I really don't care that much anymore. I'm older and if the other side wants me as bad as they have told me before, then why can't they get me!? I heard the trailer tormented others who lived there worse. Among the people were two women who both claimed they were raped by something that was not a ghost in the same room I seen the eyes. The trailer later was destroyed in a flood, no one rebuilt it!

Contributed by Rayford Ladean Rowe and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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