Voodoo Dreams

Hello again! I decided to share yet another experience with all of you because I believe that it is important to know that evil is real, and it doesn't always show up with a pitchfork and horns.

I was never a real believer in witchcraft or voodoo until 1 year while living in Kentucky. At this time I was friends with a young lady (whose name I will not mention). We were close, but there was always a power struggle between us. She wanted to control everything; where I went, who my other friends were,... It just became too much to try and remain close so we went our separate ways for awhile.

Well during this time my then husband ( from whom I am now currently divorced ) and I were discussing the events because he was friends with my friend as well. We decided that things were better left like they were and that was that now this girl did study voodoo and the African orisha, which is an African cult-based religion.

I never thought that she would try to do something to me! Well, I was definitely wrong! Later that evening I remember watching The Cell with Jennifer Lopez, and I also watched 13 Ghosts that night. Now I know that certain movies DO carry certain spirits with them so I also believe that I left an opening in my soul for the following events to happen as well.

After the movies my ex-Husband and I went to bed. Well, while sleeping I remember having a dream about three men. Their skin complexion was gray and they were sweating profusely. While in the dream, I saw one of the men grab me and the other two threw me in a car holding me on either side! What was worst of all they were cursing at me in such a way that it was almost another language!

With every word they spoke I felt my spirit grow weaker, and my fear was increasing. Well by this time all I knew how to do was to pray so I started repeating the lords prayer as loudly as I could until eventually these demonic entities released me!

When I woke up I was screaming and I didn't even know it. When I looked at my husband he was almost paralyzed with fear. He said that I started speaking in another language, my eyes rolled back in my head and my body was stiff as a board!

While we went over the events my bedroom door opened and slammed shut by itself! Then I smelled my friends fragrance, it was an oil-scent she always wore. So I knew who sent those demons! If this hadn't actually happened to me I wouldn't have believed it, so trust and believe that my details of this event are ABSOLUTLEY TRUE!

Written by Kandiss Wilder and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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