Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part I

Here is a collection of short stories and experiences that have been submitted by our readers.

My Guardian Grandfather

I was 2 or 3 years old when I met my Grandfather, I don't know how the name Charlie is connected to him, yet he seems to have developed this name. I don't remember much, it was a long time ago! But my mother always says that I was playing in my bedroom and I was talking to someone, Wooo, not so scary but she had deja vu, it seemed my sister had also had conversations with herself.

when asked who the hell I was talking to (honestly parents can be crude!) I answered it was the old man sitting on the end of my bed. This had also my sisters answer, creepy or what? But he is a nightmare now, he doesn't haunt me or make much noise but turns my stereo down when I leave the room and he likes to mess with the tapes when you are in there, honestly he drives me mad. But, I always feel safe when I know he's there, it's like he will always make sure his girls are protected. Did I mention my grandfather died when my mother was of a young age, no older than 3? My auntie only has a son, and my uncle doesn't have any children that I know of. I always like to know he's there, watching over me, making sure I'm never alone.

OK I may sound like a creep but, I only have my nan left as my other grandfather passed away a year to this day so I thought I should tell you my little secret... Not so secret now though!

Name not given

Little Old Lady

When I was 13 we decided to move into a three story house which wasn't too far from our old one. When we first visited the house there wasn't much in the house, except for the things that the man who sold the house left for us.

One night as I was asleep with the door open I saw a small old woman like figure slowly walk by my bedroom door. Which was going down the stairs. I ran to the light switch to turn it on, and then slammed the door shut. I couldn't fall back asleep afterwards.

The next day I told my dad about what I had seen but he didn't believe me. So that night when my parents were asleep my mom woke up to a strange sound such as a piano playing a slow song, my mom woke my father to ask if he could hear it as well. He said 'Yes!'

Another incident which happened in the house was whenever my mom was blow drying her hair, and my father was gone to the nearby convenience store to get gas. My mom had thought that my dad was home already, and when she said his name nobody answered so she got scared and slammed the bathroom door shut and then waited for my dad to get home.

She told my dad what she seen but he didn't believe her. My dad also told my mom and I that he heard a small woman's voice screaming, but then just said it was the dog crying.

We also heard other things such as, voices, snoring, and crying. We have also seen figures, and weird things would happen, such as things moving around the house, which we put in a certain spot.

The Pitre Family

Now That is Weird!

I don't know if I can classify this as a ghostly encounter as it was simply and encounter with what we call a ghostly object we discovered one morning.

We got up one morning and I went to wipe our window sill down because water gets in from a sprinkler system every morning and the first thing I saw was a black pen sitting neatly on our window ledge.

My first reaction was to gasp in surprise at how the heck would that get in our house. We know it was not there the night before and there it was in the morning. There was no hole in our screen. My husband and I have said that it must have been our guardian angel who left it behind while they were taking notes while we slept.

It was a cute experience and our family have laughed. Some think it must have been there before and we simply missed it, but it wasn't. some people believe it could be an angel. At first my husband felt a little suspicious that a neighbor broke in out apartment while we were sleeping and put it there as a joke, but our door has to be unlocked with our key in the deadbolt from the outside and the door was locked and our key was still hanging on our hook by the door.

My dad has said that mysteries happen everyday and just don't make anything of it.


Peek a Boo Boy Ghost

WELL, I use to live with my parents and three siblings at this home where we used to live. All kinds of strange things happened in this home when we lived there. Everyone had experienced something there, I have experienced other things to, but this one story I will tell you.

I was living somewhere else at the time, but one night on my way to work I thought I would stop by and see my parents. As I was leaving, I went outside on the porch of their house. My little nephew was telling me bye and my dad too.

They went back inside and shut the door. I went to my car and as I backed my car up I looked into my mirror and saw a little boy peeking from around the corner of the house. I stopped, knowing my nephew was in the house, but I blew my horn and dad stepped out. I asked if Shawn was still in the house. He said yes.

Everyone has seen this little boy many times. He came into my brothers room and got in bed with him. My brother, he was thinking it was his nephew. My sister saw him peeking around furniture in the house and also outside at Christmas.

But he only seem to be around when other children are around. In front of our house before we moved in a woman who was pregnant got hit by a car and died. So we always thought it was the ghost of that child. I could tell you some really stuff that happen at that home. We sold the home but I believe its the land that is haunted not the mobile home.


The Pretty Ten Year Old Girl Ghost

I had been going out with my boyfriend for just four months. One night I was sitting in my room, in bed, while having a conversation with him over MSN. I looked up from my laptop screen to see a girl standing by my open door. She was very, very pretty, looked about twelve years old, about 5' 2'' tall with pale skin and long, reddish-brown, wavy, layered hair. She was wearing black shoes which looked like school shoes, white tights and a dark grey dress with a light grey long-sleeved t-shirt. She disappeared after only a few seconds.

I told my boyfriend that I had just seen a ghost and he asked me to describe it. When I did, he replied "That has to be my cousin Susan who died when she was ten." He said she looked older than she was and was tall for her age. She wore that style of clothes and had hair like that. He and I have not spoken about it since, obviously it's a very emotional topic for him.

Since then, I haven't seen her but I've felt her presence. I can often feel her behind me, watching. I think she is checking up on me, but I can't think why, or what would draw her to me. I have not been with my boyfriend for very long, and things like that don't happen until a couple have been married for years. I'm confused as to what she wants or why she's following me.

She's not at all scary, she's just a little girl and seems nice although we have never spoken. It can be quite creepy to think that she's watching me all the time though...

Maria Connolly

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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences

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