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Footsteps on the Stairs

My friend had joined the navy and not wanting to leave the house he owned empty, his brother and myself agreed to rent it of him. The house was an end terrace Victorian property built in 1883 and had 6 previous occupiers before my friend bought it, anyway.

Things where normal at first, apart from a few bangs and bumps, that we just explained away as the house been old. The major first incidents began at night time, when in the attic bangs, which I can only describe as footsteps, could be heard on the non-carpeted floor. We chose to ignore this, but it carried on for some months.

Then things started to pick up a bit, shadows moving at the corner of your eye, feelings of been watched in all the rooms of the house. We often discussed it with each other and anybody else who cared to listen, and often joked about it, with the house been old we called it an original feature.

Then one night it wasn't so funny anymore. It was a Sunday night and me and my friend and his girlfriend sat watching the TV when bumps started on the attic stairs, we put the TV on mute and went into the hall looking up the main stair case into the darkness of the landing, we started talking, picking who should go up and look, but then cam a HUSH from my friends girlfriend, she said "listen to that", the door handle of the attic door could be heard turning and the door creaking open, a chill filled the air and footsteps started on the landing which echoed down the stairs, needless to say we ran out the house and went to spend the night at my friends mothers.

A few weeks later, everything forgotten about, or put to the back of our minds, I was sat watching the TV again at about 9:00 at night, my friend was out and I was enjoying the peace, until footsteps on the attic stairs again, then on the landing, then they stopped, I listened for a while, clutching the TV remote, knowing that what ever was in the house was only a flight of stairs away. Things remained quiet for a few more moments until rushed footsteps started to come down the last flight of stairs, I was gone out the back door, I looked back expecting to see someone chasing me up the back street, but nothing. I went back to the house after walking round the block a few times and everything was normal again.

Again a few days later, I cam home from work, and it was late, my friends girlfriend was sat in the kitchen white as a sheet, she had stayed in while he was running an errand. I asked he what was wrong, was it the footsteps again? "No" she replied "a face". She then told me what she saw. She decided to take a quick bath and was relaxing in the bath was a book, when she got the feeling something wasn't right, she looked around and at the bathroom door a shadow could be seen moving about outside it through the frosted glass, not able to move she cried out thinking it was maybe me or her boyfriend returning early, when she cried out the shadow stopped still, then moved towards the door, pressing its face up against the glass, she shouted something but couldn't remember what, but I'm guessing it was obscenities, and it disappeared.

After that incident we decided to ask the vicar of the local church to come and bless all the rooms in the house which he was happy to do so, we all walked round with him and say some prayers. The house was still after that, but the neighbors then started complaining on noises in their house, as so did a house further up the street.

Apart from a few bumps in the night nothing else happened, but I have since moved out as has my friend and the house is empty and up for sale. Thinking back I don't freak out or find it creepy that much anymore, by the time I moved out I realized I had gotten used to it.

Completely true, and a little bit scary for those not used to the paranormal.

Contributed by Rob and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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