Ghost Cabin in the Woods

This ghost experience which I am writing about took place many years ago when I was much younger, somewhere around 11 years old. I am now older, but I have some memories which will never leave me. Most of these memories took place when I lived with my grandparents in a fairly small town in the country.

We lived in an area surrounded by woods in an old but comfortable house. During these years I was used to taking walks in the woods. I was very interested in nature and could sit for hours by the lake staring up at the sky and the towering trees. I grew very familiar with the woods and walked the same trails each day, knowing where each direction led. However, one particular day while walking my usual path I became lost while walking back home, I could not recognize the surrounding trees, and I knew I had never walked in this area before. Puzzled, I thought that I had taken a wrong step somewhere, daydreaming I must have lost track of time and stumbled upon an un discovered path. As I tried to find my way it became dark, the area grew less and less familiar. Soon I became scared and quickened my pace and not minutes had passed until I came upon an old cabin. This cabin was withered and seemed to blend in with the surrounding area. I felt a distinct chill as I walked closer and my fear only increased.

In the dark I called out to see if anyone was home with no response. Walking into the house, my footsteps creaked, and I brushed away the cobwebs from around me. I walked into a small room which had a bed, and it seemed as if no one had slept there for years. I decided to stay in this room where I could sleep until the morning. I closed the door, knowing that this would not make me feel any safer. The distinct feeling of someone watching was felt everywhere in the house but it grew even stronger in this room.

I closed my eyes, and drifted into a light sleep, when I heard this sound of a door slamming and I could feel a presence walking through the house. I tried to call to see who it was, but was too scared to make a sound. When the sound stopped I could feel the ghostly presence standing before the door of the bedroom, and suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stood up as I decided to try and escape. When the door opened I could not breath as I witnessed a tall figure which uttered a horrible sounding laughter. This lasted a only minute and the being vanished into the walls, and I went to the door in order to leave this house. As I ran to the front door I could feel this presence moving towards me making a very rapid low breathing sound. Before I could catch my breath I blanked out, collapsing to the floor.

As I awoke I found myself in the woods in a familiar area. I could remember only until the moment where I had went unconscious and I felt as frightened as I had at that moment. Looking in each direction I did not see any trace of the cabin or any change in the surroundings. I was in the place I had been walking through on my way home. I realized that not even an hour had passed.

As I arrived home I was greeted by my grandparents which I had feared would be looking for me. When I told them about this strange walk I had taken, and about the old cabin they looked at each other with only a glance and fell silent. They then told me that I had been dreaming, and that I hadn’t been gone for more than a few hours. They are no longer here but we never spoke about it after that day, and I always thought they might have been keeping something from me. Was it a ghost that I had seen? Is it even possible for an entire cabin to appear as if it were a ghost?

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