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My Sister's New Friend and other Ghost Stories

I am Hannah and I am 12 years old. These are stories that my mother told me. I will start with the first thing that happened and end with the last... so far that is.

The first time my mother experienced supernatural events was when her older brothers dared her and some of the other kids who lived in their little housing area to go into a house that was believed to be haunted by an evil spirit. It was well known that someone was murdered in that house not long before. When they finally coaxed the younger kids into going in, they found a blood-covered mattress on the floor and heard noises from the kitchen and the basement. Every single child ran out screaming bloody murder. That house was later torn down because it was way too scary.

The next time was when I was very young. My mother's youngest brother, Scott, came over to my Grandma's house who my mom happened to be visiting. "Look, you've got to see this!" he said, uncovering an Ouija (however you spell that) Board. "I've been talking to this kid Kevin!" Scott had always been a trickster, so my mom of course didn't believe him when they asked "Kevin" a question and the glass moved.

"You're doing that." my mom said.

"No, I'm not! Watch!" He took his fingers and placed only the tip of his fingers on the top of the glass. It still moved, but there was no way he was doing it. He later got rid of that thing because the conversations with "Kevin" were starting to get scary.

The next time was when my mom was out at dinner with her friend and his co-worker. They started talking about ghosts. The co-worker said "I've got a ghost story! Once, I was driving on the backroads at night and I passed that old cemetery. Then I look over and there is this guy in a white jogging suit right next to my car! It scared the heck out of me!" My mom was amazed; she had the same experience a couple of times before that and didn't think it was anything. Some people still see the ghost of the jogger by that cemetery.

When my sister was about 3 or 4 years old, meaning I was 5 or 6 and my brother was only a baby, my mom and dad were watching TV one night and thought they saw me (I used to sleepwalk) walking into the dining room from the hallway. When they went to check, nothing was there and I was sound asleep. It happened again the next night, but the figure was more clear. It was a little girl 4-6 years old who looked like she was from the early 1900's (the house was built in the 20's) who was wearing a night gown with a petty-coat type thing covering it. She had very long hair that was down to her waist. This happened a few times, and each time my mom and dad both saw it.

Then, one night, my sister walked into the living room, crying. "The little girl in my room won't let me go to sleep and I am really tired!" she sobbed.

"What little girl? Hannah?" my mom asked.

"No. The little girl."

"There is no little girl in your room Sophie."

"Yes there is and she wants to play with me but I am too tired."

For weeks the little girl kept appearing. She pulled down the covers on my sister's bed in attempt to wake her up. I guess that this child died in our house and was lonely. She just wanted my sister to play with her. After a while, this stopped happening and we haven't seen her since, although my grandma still claims that she always feels a presence in the house as if we are not alone.

After my great-grandfather died, my mom went to his funeral and stayed in the room that he had died in that night. She was heartbroken and was crying. Then she felt a hand on her leg, as if great grandpa was comforting her.

Most of this stuff happens while I am asleep, but I have had a few experiences myself. In my Aunt's house, where I used to live, I heard a man's voice yell "NO!" in the living room. In our bedroom, I felt cold and turned to see a woman in a white dress gliding across the floor. She disappeared just like that.

My babysitter Lauren's house is haunted by a little boy who was murdered there by his parents. He messes with little things and makes noises.

My great aunt and great uncle lived in a house which they believed an old woman haunted. She moved around the pictures on the wall and rocked in the rocking chair. They were terrified, though, because they believed that she was not a good spirit and she wanted her house back. They don't live there anymore. My aunt went to Savannah, Georgia, and went on a tour. When the tour guide told them that the road they were on was built on a cemetery, my aunt wanted a picture. As she raised the camera, something forcefully knocked it out of her hand and sent it flying back on the road.

My nanny had a surgery when she was a teenager and saw Jesus come and tell her that everything was going to be OK. She also saw the ghost of a child on a lonely old road that vanished in a flash.

My papa saw the ghosts of his parents talking to him at the end of his bed. They walked away and disappeared.

I believe in ghosts, always have and always will. After hearing these stories from people I can trust, I can tell you that they do exist.

This story written and contributed by Hannah © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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