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Terrifying Ghostly Encounter In Arizona

This story took place six years ago, when I was 15. We lived in Arizona at the time, outside a small town called Sonita, it was very small, one road and it had no police station. I was with my friend and she was sleeping over. Our parents decided to go on a vacation together leaving us to watch my little brother and her little sister. We chose to stay in my house because it was safer with the security systems.

We wanted to get the kids to sleep as fast as possible so that we could watch scary movies for the fourth time in the row. This was during the summer, so we didn't have school. While I was singing to my little brother I heard something outside of the window. My little brother - his name was Max - started freaking out. I told him it was just the tree branch on the side of the house, which I really thought it was, since it happened before. Max said, "No it wasn't!" So I checked for him, to prove to him it was the branch I picked a few leaves off the branch. He calmed down after that.

Kayla (my friend) was finished with her little sister (Her name was Sam) and was waiting for me in the hallway. We went downstairs and I started making popcorn while she got the movies ready. When I turned to go to the living room I jumped almost throwing the popcorn bowl half way across the room. Sam was standing there sobbing. "What's wrong?" I asked, because we loved our siblings a lot and we loved each others siblings the same level. She said, "T-there's a b-bloody hand print o-on my window! I-i don't want to g-go in there a-again!" she said while sobbing. I lead her to Kayla.

Kayla came back downstairs with a worried expression on her face. She whispered to me, "Yeah, there's something there." I laughed at this, "Yeah right, the system is turned on, it wouldn't let anything outside the house touch anything on the house!" I said trying to reassure Sam but I knew it wasn't that good. Sam sobbed some more before Max came running down the stairs as fast as he could tripping over his own feet, "SISSY!!" He said crying hard I didn't think possible. I grabbed his arm before he fell and he started spilling out his story, "Sissy... there's.... something......tapping.....my window....!" He said in between breathes and sobs.

We were well scared now. We decided to put on 'Bambi' to calm them down. We knew we should call the police but I lived at least 50 miles from any good city with a police department. I lived near the lake. Kayla thought she could check it out. Sam almost 5 nano-seconds after Kayla said that started crying. I calmed her down as Kayla sneaked out of the house with a shotgun. She came in and told me nothing was out there.

When she came back down stairs from putting the gun back in my dad's closet she told me that there wasn't a bloody hand print on Sam's window anymore. Sam looked up and same with Max. Sam complained, "So we have to go bed now?" I shook my head. No, I wasn't letting them out of my sight until I knew what was going on.

We were watching the rest of the movie before Max screamed. I tried to calm him down as Sam was frozen still. She was staring at the window. It was a fairly large window and the blinds were shut. The blinds were white and Kayla had turned on the porch light. Kayla got something from Sam. There seemed to have been a shadow that crossed the window.

Kayla got the guns (there were only three) and gave one to me and held the other two close to her. She was more experienced with guns then I was, which I was grateful for.

"KAYLA!!!!" Sam screamed bloody murder. Kayla gave me the two guns and I was doing a balancing act as she went to her sister. Sam was bleeding from her wrist. There was nothing sharp near her to do that and she was sitting on the recliner next to Max (it was fairly large). Kayla took Sam to the first floor bathroom to bandage the cut up. She came back to me telling me that the there was no cut there. My heart started racing. We both knew what was happening now and we had refused to believe it before. This was the ghost that haunted this part of the mountain side.

Every so often there would be reports of bloody hand prints on the windows or glass items and shadow's passing the window but no one being outside at the time. But there was only one case of where it reached the worst level. The level we were on now. The tale goes as a man was fishing during the early hours of the morning, which the time when the blood happened was about 3:45 a.m, and the boat tipped over. Well around his ankle was a rope. He was unable to rise from the water and drowned. Now ever since that night every year two days after the day of his death this would happen, yet only few would report it, though everyone knew of it. We lived in a hilly area with tons of summer houses. Almost every one was asleep but I knew we could count on two people. The problem was, getting to them. They lived on the top of a steep hill. And it was at night. Even worse.

Sam screamed again. There was a line of blood on her wrist again. I knew we had to get to the couple fast. They knew how to deal with ghosts like this. Kayla looked at me as she wiped away the blood that came from no where. "We can go the Gail and Pat," I said. Kayla looked at me, "Nikki, how? It's in the middle of the night and they live on the steepest hill possible!" I thought, "What about the ATV's?" "But, fine, take one of the shot guns though, I'll stay behind you with Sam and you'll be with Max, right?" I nodded. We rushed outside and ran to the barn. Kayla locked the door behind her as I looked for the keys to the ATV's.

We were going up the hill as the fastest speed that was still safe. Although it was pretty fast I still heard Sam scream every now and then because of the blood line. We reached the house where the old couple lived and we knocked on the door. After some time Gail, the old woman that lived there, came to the door in a rope. She saw our faces dirty and the younger ones with tears sliding down their cheeks. She led us in and woke Pat up, her husband. We were sitting on the large couch holding our younger siblings.

Gail and Pat lit some candles after talking it over with us as Max and Sam played a board game. They decided that Sam had the ghost over her and they needed to get rid of it.

Sam is now growing up happily but sadly she has to deal with the scariest night of her life. Sam was tied to a chair. She was crying with heavy sobs complaining that her head hurt. Max was taken to another room by Pat to play on the computer. Me and Kayla sat on our knees holding the young girls shoulders and her arms. Gail started on the process. Through it Sam's cries turned into angry yells. Then she fainted.

Later when our parents were back we told them of it. They said it was a lie and a good joke. We decided to keep it between ourselves and Pat and Gail. We talk of it but only on rare occasions. Every night at 3:00 a.m. Kayla tells me how she still sees the image of a black hooded figure rising out of Sam and going through the ceiling screaming out Sam's real name, Samantha Lynn Stone.

Contributed by Nikki Smit, Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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