Lost Spirits Looking For Life

This story took place in my house on a couple of occasions. My fiance and I were laying in bed watching movies. It was already 5 a.m.(we're crazy).

I saw a person "walk" by the doorway of our bedroom down the hallway coming away from my daughter's room. I am so use to seeing things that I just didn't say anything. To clarify, I knew this was not an intruder.

It moved so rapidly that by the time I saw it, and looked up, it was already clearing the door jam, and silent. Our floors are wood and even my 5 year old cannot creep around quietly, much less silently.

The figure had white hair and a light colored shirt, either yellow or white. A few minutes later, my fiance says, "Did you see that?"

At that point, I knew I wasn't crazy, and said,"Ok, you see this sh@*, too then?"

He first tried to rationalize by saying,"Maybe it was Sophia." When he got up to check on her, she was still snoring in her bed.

Not long after that, within a week, I'd say, I woke up to get ready for my baby shower. Being huge and tired, and everything swollen, I decided to lay on the couch and prop up my feet for a few until I had to get my girls up and ready.

Finally, I said,"Ok, can't be late to my own party" and opened my eyes. Passing by my feet heading toward the kitchen was a young girl. As she was passing me, she watched me, smiling. She was solid, like a person, and with dark wavy hair. She looked like my daughter. I said,"Sophia... Sophia", thinking 'What is wrong with that girl, ignoring me like that?'

So, I got up and waddled into the bedroom to tell them to get dressed, and Sophia, her sister, and my fiance were all in the bed, fast asleep. I told my sister about these happenings and she told me that when she was pregnant, her experiences were more intense as well.

I don't know if pregnancy has anything to do with frequency or intensity, but it stands to reason. During this time frame, my fiance also told me that he would hear someone walking in the hall and kitchen, but never saw anything until the experience we shared. He also heard someone knocking at the door, would get up to open it, and nothing. This happened frequently. One morning, he even woke me up to answer the door. No one was there. He said, "I thought it had to be for you because it was so early, but see, this is what's been happening."

His mother came to visit from Mexico a few days before the baby was born, and did a type of cleansing ritual (she has alot of experience as she helps others with these problems, and has the gift of being a medium).

She told us that they weren't anyone we knew, just lost spirits attracted to life going on. She likened it to being blind and walking around until you find signs of life, and just make yourself a part of it. They went on to where they belonged, and we have had no problems since.

Contributed by Kelly Strong and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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