Was This Ghost Trying To Tell us Something?

The story I'm about to tell you took place when I was about eight years old or so. Without a map it is kind of hard to explain, but I'll do my best.

I lived in my grandfather's terrain with my family, with him, and with my two other aunts with their own sons. We lived in different houses, of course - we were many.

My family and I lived at one of the ends of this terrain, by the entrance of it. In the right side of our house was a stone road that went for about 50 meters to a big garage - more like a big barrack - with no door, about 5 square meters and rising about 3 meters from ground to ceiling. Just before entering the garage, by the right side there was the stairs that went to the house where the rest of the family (grandpa and aunts)lived.

I hope this help you to get the story.

I had a cousin that was about the same age as me (only 11 months difference) and we used to stay up late and watch TV, sometimes at my place, sometimes at hers - it didn't make much difference as we lived so close to each other and both our mothers worked nights at a restaurant in the near town (we lived in the country in a small village).

Well (finally!) this happened when we stayed up late at my house. It was about 24 PM and we decided that was quite enough for that day. We turned the TV off, said goodbye, she left and I locked the door and went to sleep. Nothing strange here.

But then, out of nowhere, she comes back banging and hitting the front door "Please, let me in! Cristina! Please open the door!" She sounded terrified. We used to joke around with each other so I didn't pay much attention. I went to the door, very calmly and opened it. She entered almost falling to the ground and locked it immediately.

She was very nervous and trembling all over. I asked her what happened and, when she finally became more calm, she told me.

She had seen a ghost floating in the garage. It was pretty dark there, we did not have lights in the way to the other house. I just thought she was messing with me. I said "No way! I don't believe it, you're lying!" so she told me to see for myself, since I wasn't scared.

So I went... Laughing at her - she stayed at the front porch of my house, looking terrified while I went there. I started going down the road, but I didn't look to the garage immediately, I just went on looking at her and thinking "she must be crazy if she thinks I believe this...".

So, when I was in the middle of the road I finally looked, and I just couldn't believe my eyes! There was a human shaped form about 1 meter above the ground, floating. I was paralyzed - but not for long. I started running back to the house where my cousin was.

Being smart as I am, I looked back and saw it coming towards me in great speed - then I was really scared! When I finally got back to my house, we both got in it, locked the door, closed all the windows and shut the curtains (I don't think this is written this way, but hey, I'm Portuguese, it´s not my mother tongue) and went straight to bed into the blankets with which we covered ourselves from feet to head.

Before this I really didn't pay attention to all those paranormal phenomena, but from this moment on I was a believer.

The most amazing thing in all of this is that two persons saw the same thing at almost the same time! And I couldn't be imagining once I just didn't believe her!

Later in the other day I spoke with my mother and she told me her sisters used to start crying because of a man that would appear from nothing and was thought to be their grandfather. We tried to find out if someone had died there (we loved to play detectives) - so that we could explain that lost soul, but we didn't.

Later on I spoke with my explaining teacher - I found out that she was also very interested in those phenomenas, and that some had occurred with her and her family as well - and she told me if it was a white ghost I shouldn't have ran, it was benign. I just didn't know it then - I was scared as hell - maybe he was just trying to talk to someone? Trying to find help?

Well, you're free to make your own conclusions. Goodbye and keep searching for the unknown - always with a critical sense of reality!

Contributed by Cristina Rodrigues and Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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