My Brother's Imaginary Friend Was A Ghost

I lived in a strange haunted house for three years and for three years we were haunted by a spirit of a little girl. At the time we moved in we loved the house. We thought it would go really well, we thought wrong.

My younger brother at the time three years of age began to talk about his new friend and he told us her name, WATCH OUT FOR MUDPIE. I know, strange name, but it seemed pretty real to my brother. They would play games and he would let her sit at the table for tea. We had to dish out tea for an imaginary friend, but then we noticed things would happen, for example day to day we would get kettles turning on by them self, if you would sit on a chair it would be pulled out from underneath you by unseen hands, lights turning on and off by them self, and cold spots. Our dog noticed the imaginary friend as he would often growl at her or hide from her.

These events happened for a while but only to certain people. At the time I was going to school and my younger brother was starting primary school. My older sister was in high school so that would make my mum being home alone as dad would be at work. When we would return home from school mum would be sitting in the lounge room crying and praying at the same time, but she wouldn't tell us what happened.

Our neighbors came over and asked us if we were having a party all the time. They said it looked as though our house was glowing.

One day I decided to go over to my neighbor and ask her about the history of the house. I told her that my younger brother had a friend there and said the name WATCH OUT FOR MUDPIE, when I said that she grabbed my hand and gasped. She then told me the story of the girl who had once lived there.

The house was designed for the owner because she used to take care of disabled children. One young girl, who had long red hair and was very pale, used to love making MUDPIES (OH crap...). I panicked and asked her what happened. She then told me she drowned in the bathtub. She was left unattended and it seemed as though she didn't leave the house or her spirit never left.

I ran and told mum what had happened, but it got worse. Things were getting out of hand. It seemed as though the spirit didn't like me at all because if I was walking down from the bathroom to the hallway unseen hands would pick me up and chuck me down the hallway and I would scream. I was often too afraid to have a bath because one night I was choked in the bathtub and red marks appeared on my neck. We had a nun that used to come in to the house, but she said the house was evil and needed to be cleansed. She didn't do it because she couldn't even get up to the front door with out chucking her guts up and running away from it. We knew then that something evil was in amongst us.

My brother started to get frightened of his new friend and then it showed that it wasn't liking us being in her house. Mum saw the girl several times standing either at the bathroom soaking wet or at the back door.

It was all fun and games that we were the only ones seeing it. It was the best when people that came over saying that they don't believe in ghosts would have something happen to them.

My dad wasn't a believer, he would say to us that its not true, ghosts don't exist. Until one night he had to sleep up in the lounge room as he was up early for work. As he fell asleep our little girl ghost was about to make her presence known to dad. Dad fell asleep and soon woke up by the feeling of someone watching him when he knew everyone was in bed. He startled at the site of a little girl dripping wet, but not beside him, on top of him telling him to wake up for work. Then she disappeared from site. That freaked dad out and made everyone wake up. We were so happy that he finally realized that we weren't telling lies.

I lived with a ghost for three years not knowing whether she wanted help or just wonted us to get out of her house so she could rest in peace. All I can say is I have never had as many ghost experiences as in that house.

Contributed by Victoria and Copyright © 2008 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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