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Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part Two

I moved out when I was 19, renting a flat with my girlfriend (now my wife). After getting settled in we invited our friends round for a drink. Before they arrived my parents had been round, and while my wife and mum were downstairs, my dad and I spent a few minutes looking around upstairs to see where some pipes ran to, just out of curiosity.

When my mates arrived, my wife gave some a guided tour, whilst I showed the rest around. I went upstairs after she had been, and noticed that our loft hatch had been lifted up and partly out of the opening. Suspecting she had for some reason attempted to get into the loft, I called down to ask her why. She answered that she hadn't and that she'd assumed my dad and I had been in there when looking for the pipes and not shut it properly - but we hadn't.

Afterwards, I tried to move it, convincing myself that it had merely been disturbed by the wind coming through the rafters (not wanting to admit there was paranormal activity outside my bedroom door!) but unless it was actually forcefully lifted out of the hatch from underneath, it didn't move.

We also used to hear our wardrobe doors creak, as if being opened and closed, whilst we were downstairs in the living room - no one else was in the house with us. Occasionally, the banister and the first few stairs would also creak as if being leant on to walk down the stairs, despite nobody being up there. After being out, we've come home to find our airing cupboard door open - not wide open, but as if it's not been pushed shut properly and the latch hasn't clicked into place to hold it shut.

The other most poignant thing I remember happening there, was when we were moving out. My wife and I were emptying the lower cupboards in the kitchen, taking stuff out and putting it on either the floor or the worktop above. We bent down to grab an item out of the cupboard, stood up to put it on the worktop and saw a hand print on the white worktop, clear as day. You could be excused for thinking it was one of ours, except it was bigger than our hands would span. It appeared to be ink or grease of some kind, a black/grey sort of colour, a bit like newspaper ink or dried car grease. This was to appear again on a kitchen wall cupboard and in our new flat that we moved into after 8 months of living in this particular place.

One of the most memorable things that happened in our new flat was the appearance of a relative of mine, who appeared to my wife while she was in bed. This relative seems to have been my great Nan, who I don't remember much about as she passed away when I was very, very young. My wife woke up after going to bed before me as I had stayed up to watch television, and a lady (that she did not recognize) was sitting on the edge of our bed, watching her.

As my wife begun to sit up, the lady faded and disappeared. Knowing it would worry me, she only told me the next day, when we were at my parents house. I then dug out some old photos. My wife saw the lady in them and said that was the lady that had came to visit her. The lady was my great Nan. She hadn't seen these photos before, nor did she know who the lady was until I told her after picking her out in the photo.

The handprint also came back in our new flat, on a wardrobe door, in the condensation on a window and on a tea towel. My wife had taken the tea towel out of the washing machine and noticed that it was dirty, covered in what she thought were just black marks. When she held it up to show me we noticed that there were two hand prints on it - as if somebody had simply laid their dirty hands down on it. Again, the handprints were bigger than mine and even my dad's, so whom these handprints belong to is a mystery.

I have also had instances where I've been lying in bed and felt something tickle and blow on my ear (no, this wasn't my wife!) and the feeling of something that felt like sand or small grains of salt fall on my chest.

Myself, my brothers and my mum have all experienced small water drops fall on either us or near to where we are. This is not like normal water out of a tap though, it is thicker and feels slightly greasy -like a tear drop. We have had this many times over the years and have no explanation for it whatsoever.

We are now temporarily living with my in-laws, while we save up for a mortgage. The goings on haven't stopped. Recently, we were sitting in the living room watching a film, when every now and again, we could hear the lid of the bin flip down, as if somebody was putting something in it. Again, no body else was in the house and there is no simple explanation for this.

There have been instances where I have got up to go to the toilet in the early hours and seen dark shadows at the end of the landing. I have also seen what appeared to be a small boy standing at the bottom of the stairs with his head down as if being told off. He appeared like the figure at the end of my bed I have previously mentioned - glowing white with a light around him.

I have also seen somebody running up the stairs there, sometime before we moved in. Thinking it was my wife, I called up to her to bring something down with her, only for her to walk out from the kitchen.

My hair has also been gently tugged while laying on our bed watching television, and our stereo has suddenly come on in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, blaring out music that just wouldn't have been turned up as loudly as it was.

My wife has a photo on her phone of me walking past our bed in the bedroom - in it the mirror is behind me. In the mirror contained in the photo, there is a shadow that at first we thought was mine, though on further examination, it's facing a different way to what it should be, were it mine.

Contributed by Kris Slaven and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

This is a long story so it has been broken up into 3 parts. Read Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part 3

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