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My True Ghost Story

Last year I was visiting my mother in a small quiet town in the country side, and at the time my aunt just barely moved into a new place and it had only been a week since she was moved in, I went over to visit and see her new place, The place was clearly very old but in very good shape, and in one of the stair ways it was the original wall paper of when the place was first built with a great big wooden banister following the long stairs, when I saw that part of the house I was in love it was so beautiful. After spending the day there my cousins wanted me to sleep over, and my family is a firm believer in ghost from past experiences and so I asked my aunt if this place was haunted, and my aunt told me that's so far in the past week that they have been living there that nothing had happen. I felt relieved to hear that because I am terrified of things that go "bumping in the night" so I agreed to sleep over.

I had to sleep on the couch in the living room because my uncle (my aunt's brother) was staying over because of relationship problems he was having. My uncle was in the living room watching TV so I sat on the couch and watched TV with him while my aunt was in the kitchen making herself something small eat before going to bed, everyone else was gone to bed so we were the only 3 people up. Where I was sitting on the couch I could see through the open door where the stair way is and I was able to see up the stairs. While we were watching TV me and my uncle both heard someone running down the stairs(it sounded like a kid running), and so I looked over into the hallway and in the stairs and saw nobody. My uncle asked me who it was and I told him no one was there. I was a little spooked but I had my uncle and my aunt there so I didn't feel too frightened so I shrugged it off.

About half an hour later I decided that it would be time to lie down on the couch and fall asleep because I didn't want to be stuck lying awake and scared to be by myself when my uncle decided to go to bed. So I laid down and told my uncle to close the door to the stair way when he goes to bed (so that I didn't see or hear things in there). I can fall asleep with noises going on all around me so I fell asleep pretty fast with my uncle there and the TV on.

When my uncle decided to go to bed I heard him say good night and I heard him turn off the TV, I didn't even open my eyes it was if it was part of my dream. I don't know how much time passed since my uncle said goodnight but I woke up to noises in the kitchen. I sat up and looked around the room, I could see the kitchen light pouring into the hallway into the living room, and I saw that my uncle didn't close the door to the stair way, and his package of cigarettes were on the chair where he had been sitting. So I pieced all the signs together and came to the conclusion that my uncle was still up and was in the kitchen. I sat there on the couch listening trying to figure out what he was doing in the kitchen and thinking to myself why he wasn't in bed yet? and he was being pretty noisy. It sounded like he was dragging things across the counter walking around and opening and closing the cupboards. I thought maybe he was making himself a tea so I decided to get up and see why he was still awake and to see if he needed to talk (because of his relationship problems) I walk into the kitchen and it was dead silent and no one was there.

At that point I was so confused, I was sure it was my uncle in the kitchen and nobody was there. I looked in the bathroom and there was nobody there, I looked in the dark front porch and nobody was there. At that point I was freaking out, I'm the only one awake in a new place and there is clearly "something bumping in the night" So I race back to the couch and get underneath the covers and bring the covers way up to my face and I face the back of the couch so that I only see the couch and nothing else. My aunts room was not to far so if anything happened I could call out to her so I started feeling a little bit better and so I tried to fall back to sleep as fast as possible so that nothing else happens. All was quiet for about ten minutes until the noises in the kitchen started again, things being dragged across the counter somebody walking around a chair being moved.

Here I was eyes shut hard going "oh my god, oh my god" over and over in my head. I even tilted my head towards the noises to make sure I was hearing them and that I wasn't crazy. I wanted to call out to my aunt so badly, I was terrified, but then I thought to myself "well its not so bad it's only in the kitchen maybe it will stop" 5 min passed and the noises were still going on and I was 100% sure I was hearing them and that it was coming from the kitchen. I then heard the footsteps coming into the living room and that was it for me, I yelled out to my aunt and she responded right away (thank god) She yelled back to me saying she was coming and I opened my eyes and looked around and saw nobody around, and when my aunt reached me I told her what happened and we both went into the kitchen and no one was there.

My aunt brought me up to my uncle's room and I slept with him for the rest of the night. The funny thing is that the moment I went into his room he woke up and asked "did the boogie man get you?" He knew right away that the only reason I would wake him up in the middle of the night to sleep with him was because I got scared of ghosts (I mean why else? I was 20 years old. lol). In the morning when I got up I told my uncle all about it and I even told him sarcastically "thank you for closing the stair way door" and he said that he did close it!!

After a year of them living there they have already so many stories in that house. Apparently there is a priest (there is even a church nearby and the house is made in the same red brick the church is made of) and a little boy who haunts the place that they have seen, and there is a mean spirit that stays around the stairway, one of my cousins stays away from that stairway because it pushed her really hard in a mean threatening way, and my cousin isn't afraid of ghosts and she doesn't like to go into that area, it's a shame because its a beautiful stairway.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my experience, it was scary but I survived :P lol I have other stories but I will leave them for another time and thank you for reading.

Contributed by Caroline and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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