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Ghosts at my Grandparents House

Once my mom and her then boyfriend split, we went to move in with my grandparents, in Redlands, California. I lived there a few years before and had noticed weird things going on in the house. Of course nobody believed me. So I basically just kept it to myself.

Anyway, there would be times when I would be alone watching TV and I would hear footsteps upstairs in my grandparents room. Just walking back and forth. After a while It was annoying so I called out "Who's there?" And of course the footsteps would stop. I just brushed it off.

Another time I was in the kitchen making something to eat when I saw someone run into the office. Thinking it was my grandma, I called out for her, but when I got no response I decided to check it out. Nobody was there. At night I will usually hear someone walking up and down the stairs. The footsteps wont stop unless you say something out loud.

Another time I when I was younger, I was in one of the rooms playing Nintendo, and from the corner of my eye I saw a lady in a white dress on the balcony just staring at me. After I saw that I ran like a fat kid running to a buffet line. I told my mom but she just ignored me and said it was my imagination. So I shrugged my shoulders and resumed playing my game. Only after a few minutes I saw her again. After that, I never slept in that room again.

One of my scariest experiences was 3 years ago. I had come home late, around 2 in the morning, from hanging out with some friends. I walked up the stairs and went into my room. My dog Madison was waiting for me and I played with him for a few minutes. All of a sudden I heard the sliding door open from the room next door and then some footsteps. My dog then started to bark at the wall leading to the other room. I figured it was my grandma closing the balcony door so I went to say hi to her. But once I opened the door the room was pitch black and the sliding door was shut and locked.

I ran back to my room and turned on the radio, TV, and slept with the lights on. The next morning I had asked my grandma if she was in the room next to mine and she told me she hadn't gone in that room all day. I was pretty freaked out after that.

I now live in another city but I still work in Redlands so when I'm too tired to drive home I'll just sleep at my grandparents house. A few weeks ago I went there and slept on the couch and I woke up about 4 times because I kept hearing footsteps when it was just me in the house.

That's pretty much it, sorry if my story was as long as a novel.

Contributed by Vicki and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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