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The Bathroom Spook

I don't know how to explain what happened that night. But I'm sure I really saw something in our house, outside our bathroom. I was only eight years old back then and we were still living at our old house.

Our bathroom was located in our house kitchen. It was around ten p.m that time when I felt myself needing to go at the CR. Since my dad was in the comfort room (separated to our bathroom) and I couldn't wait for him to finish I decided to do my thing in our bathroom.

I was a coward back then so I did not close the bathroom door. In my peripheral view, as I enter our bathroom, I saw something black walk past me and disappear into our the wall perpendicular to the bathroom. I was really freaked out. I suddenly forgot about entering the bathroom. The figure was really black and it only took a few seconds before it disappeared. I was wondering until now if that figure is "Death."

It was also my habit to wake up early at 6 a.m. just to play with my neighborhood friends. That morning was just the same as the other mornings in my life. Usually, I would get up, eyes half-closed, half-open, grab my towel and rush to the CR without knowing I was at the wrong place.

I'm still sleepy so I decided to sit for a while and exercise my eyes so that I could wake up physically. As I open and close my eyes, I felt the strands of my hair at the back portion of my head moved. I froze! Maybe I was imagining things, but I could really feel it! I could picture my hair standing on its own or maybe it was held by something I didn't see that was there.

I was freaked out again, I ran outside (that was when I realized I was at the C.R.) I heard something inside the C.R. like something is being thrown away! I ran to my mother's room and woke her up. I told her what happened. She went to check the C.R. but saw nothing suspicious. Nothing was thrown and the C.R. was in its usual arrangement, nothing is in disarray.

I was really curious if there is something in our C.R. and bathroom. I, as well as some of my friends who went inside our house, could feel something was not right there. We love staying at our kitchen because it is where food is located, but after I told them about my experience, we avoided to stay there and would just play in our living room.

When I was twelve years old, we left the house but after three years until now, we came back to live there again. Well, we were used to living there and for me its still the best place for relaxation (laughs). My aunt together with her husband and two children lived with us and told us our house is normal when I told her about "it". But she couldn't hide from me! I know she knows the truth! My mom told me she has a third eye.

Contributed by Isnihaya Diranggarun and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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