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WW II Victims Ghosts

After roughly two years of near constant fighting with my stepmother I had enough and left the house. One of my friends had offered me to move in with her for a while if the situation became unbearable.

Two days before the proverbial #$@! hit the fan, I helped her move to another house. When I first set foot in the house I never noticed anything about the place, it looked like any other house built around the 1920's.

After an exhausting night of hauling my possessions from one house to the other, I finally settled myself in the spare bedroom and started to doze off within minutes. Before I fell asleep, I had the feeling as if someone was standing beside the bed, but being too tired I thought nothing of it and dozed off.

The previous owner of the house had left a lot stuff behind, I got the impression he didn't move out, he fled. The house was still fully decorated, closets were filled with his clothes and in my bedroom I found a bag containing a camera and 8 very costly lenses, something you would not simply leave behind.

The second night I started moving things around in the spare bedroom. As I reached the top of the stairs carrying a few heavy bags, I suddenly felt a shiver going up and down my spine while my brain was screaming 'There's something wrong here!' At this point I started feeling a presence to my right, a few inches away from me. I didn't see a presence with my eyes, but in my thoughts I saw the image of a man in his late 50's, gray beard and a rugged expression on his face. It didn't feel threatening, it was as if he was simply observing me, being curious about what I was doing.

That night while enjoying a drink out in the city, I told my friend about what I had experienced. Her whole attitude suddenly changed and she told me about the events that took place the first night she spent in the house alone. Cupboards were opening and slamming shut, living room doors were shaking and rattling as was the cellar door. We celebrated living in a haunted house by having another drink, little did we know about the inhabitants of the house.

The next night we were getting ready to head out into the city again, as we were sitting in the living room something started to happen. We both started seeing movements from the corners of our eyes, and it was everywhere. Little soap-bubble like orbs flying around the living room at insane speeds. Over the course of a month events went from bad to worse.

Most mornings we would find every door of the house wide open, even the front door, while valuables were still lying throughout the house. Even if locked and bolted closed, it'd be open in the morning.

Going near the cellar caused the door to rattle as if someone on the other side tried to force it open, The thought of something taking up residence in the cellar frightened both of us so we moved the big refrigerator in front of the door.

We always had the feeling we were being watched from the kitchen so on a bright and sunny day we started looking around in the adjacent shed. Though the shed had everything you'd expect from a shed belonging to a haunted house, many generations of spiders, rusty tools and a thick layer of dust, we didn't find anything that caused us to feel watched. But when we examined the back wall of the kitchen closer, we found several marble-sized holes along the wall. Using a little penlight we saw that there was a very small passage behind it, this gave us both the creeps and we sealed all the holes shut.

At night footsteps and creaking floorboards could be heard outside the bedrooms. My friend slept in the master bedroom, sleeping on only one side of the bed, she would find an imprint of a child's silhouette in the bedding and pillows the next morning.

The most worrying thing that happened during my stay in the house happened in the middle of the winter. My friend had a broken arm (during an event not related to the house). After watching a film we went to sleep, I turned off the lights in the living room (which went step by step because my nerves would surely go in an all-out panic if I were caught there in the dark). As I reached the top of the stairs I saw my friend coming out of the bathroom and walking towards her bedroom. At that moment her heavy oak bedroom door was slammed shut, nearly catching her good arm in between it. She tried to open it, but it was jammed. I tried to open it using both hands, there was quite a bit of resistance at first but it did give way. Being winter, none of the windows were open nor was there a draft. I closed the door and opened it again with no effort at all. Things started to get more quiet around the house after that.

A month and a half later I received a letter that I had gotten the house that I had applied for. Though I did apply for quite a few houses, I never did apply for the one that I ended up getting.

Nearly a year and an intensive search later, I discovered that the area where we lived used to be a shelter area for Jews during World War II. I also came across German records of discovering a family of 5 at the house I lived at. A husband, wife and three daughters. All executed in the house. To top it off, I found a picture of the people who built the houses in that specific area, on this a person who looks like the man I saw at the top of the stairs.

Ever since I came in contact with spirits, I've regularly been visited by all kinds of entities. My house seem to be 'guarded' by a few of them in fact.

A few months ago, a lit candle fell on to the carpet and burnt itself up (while I was outside). instead of burning the whole house down, it only left a small scorch marks. When I removed the piece of carpet and held a lighter underneath it outside, it was aflame within seconds.

A friend came to visit me, she had never seen my house before and she was curious about it. The moment she entered the house, I had this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to keep an eye on her and not to trust her. The refrigerator was just about empty so I ran to the store, when I got back she was in a fetal position sitting on the sofa, white as a paper with a look of horror in her eyes. She told me that the living room door had closed all by itself and a voice had said 'Your being watched'.

Contributed by Wilco and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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