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Sparkle Friends - Imaginary Friends As A Small Child

When I was a child, about 3 or so, I would stay at my grandparents house. In this one room that I stayed in, I had these imaginary friends. It is common for children to have imaginary friends, yet children usually aren't able to recreate or tell a story many times without it being true.

At night before I went to sleep, I would lay there and stare at the ceiling. There was a light fixture, which any home from the 60's-70's probably has (square shaped, glass, most of the time has some sort of decoration, like fogged glass, and is dangling about an inch from the ceiling). I remember looking at this fixture and all of a sudden many little sparkles would come piling out. The only way I can describe them is when its dark and you look around, you can see tons of little lights blinking, or when you look into the sun for too long. Anyway, these were not just from looking into the dark... they moved, without me moving my eyes.

They started off just a few and in simple orb shapes. I could talk to them. They did not speak to me aloud, but I heard them in my head and would answer them aloud. Sometimes I did not have to though. Eventually their shapes got more complex. The one that I remember the most was a carousel horse. The others grew in size, but this was the only one that took a true, noticeable form.

I would, in conversation, mention my "sparkle friends", my parents would think nothing of it. Then I started to talk about them more frequently, maybe trying to tell my parents about them.

One night, my parents were putting me to bed and brought a glass of milk for me to drink. I insisted that my friends were mad at me. I don't remember why they were upset now, but I'm thinking because I told my parents. They left the room and the glass of milk with me.

The next morning my brother came to wake me up and found that the glass of milk had been dumped on my head. He ran and got my parents, who woke me up and asked me why would you do this? I simply replied, I told you they were mad at me.

I never saw them again but throughout the years some more odd things have happened to me.

When I was about 6 I was taking a bath, and in this bathroom there was a window, but the window was almost to the top of the ceiling, so it must have been about 13 - 14 ft, give or take a few inches. I looked up and saw what seemed to be 3 cartoon characters. The one that sticks out the most was the cat. They were motioning for me to come outside. I flipped out, screaming, ran out naked and crying telling my parents what I had seen.

I would really like to know if anyone has had any experiences with these two things, or if you have children seeing the same.

Contributed by Brandi Richter and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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