Demon Possession ~ A Candid Conversation

I was reading this article on Rosemary, I find it very interesting as I have never heard of 4 human spirits possessing a person.

I Am Possessed By Four Spirits and My Experiences With Demons ~ A True Story of Demonic Possession

I'm curious, has she lost the ability to control her dreams and do they manifest while waking up and going to sleeping? Or do they manifest and cause problems at all times?

I ask because I had a somewhat similar experience (well you never really completely get rid of the influence but can see and ignore it).

But mine was with native American and evil never been born spirits working together. It happened at boy scout camp on Catalina island when other troop members were doing light as a board stiff as feather.

This kicked of a lifetime of possession study so I'm really interesting in more information on her as this seems an odd case if there are no other than human spirits involved. I personally doubt that these are her family members but I suppose its actually possible although I question the goodness of her "family and friends" if that is the case. Good spirits don't take up permanent residence in another, that's a violation of her free will. Furthermore they can be forced out, but I reckon that may not be possible because of her belief system and possible lack of faith and or perfect knowledge.

Get back to me if you are interested in hearing more of my experiences which started as a teenager. Many have been witnessed by numerous others.

- Tim

Yes the story I tell is true, and in my story I am putting a face on demons which is much different than we believe from what we have always been taught.

I know that we are taught that Demons are some frightening unknown spirits but from what I am learning from my three vicious relatives and Dr. P. is demons are the spirits of the dead who decide to behave this way for various reasons.

One of the reasons they did this to me in the first place is to try to prevent me from getting the kinds of psychic Information I was getting from a higher region of the spirit world.

It has worked because my brain is becoming so exhausted and they are constantly attacking me day and night and refuse to come out of my body.

They now say they fear retaliation from a higher power in the spirit world after what they have been told in the writings about what their fate will be if they don't cease and desist and so now I am trying to reason with them as my three relatives and Dr. P. and tell them although the experience has been unpleasant if they remove themselves from my body and write about how they feel about things we can still use this for Paranormal Research and put a face on Demons.

As you can imagine from the way some people die they may remain unhappy and vengeful in the after life for many years and frightening them and telling them all the dire things that will happen to them if they don't cease and desist does not help the situation any.

At this time I am trying to talk some sense into them and tell them if they are too afraid to leave my body after the way they have behaved the only way to remedy that is to remove themselves from my body and take a wait and see attitude and adjust to the outside world again outside my body and then after that I have no control over what they do or where they go that is up to their free choice and anything that might control them in the Universe and whatever happens we will write about it to help others understand about Life after Death.

Their plan was to frighten people into not reading about my experiences but instead the tables have now been turned and they are now too frightened to leave my body and so I am talking them out if I can but so far it hasn't worked.

I am happy for your interest and will answer any questions you might have about my experience.

I am trying to solve my problem while using this experience to hopefully further paranormal research.

- Rosemary C.

Hi Rosemary,

I tend to agree with most of what you have said. Please don't take offense to the way I talk...matter o factly. I'm just trying to give you what I know seems to work but then I could be wrong as your situation...if they are human is unique in my understanding.

however, from my personal experience....most human spirits who go and try to do "evil" to another. Mainly obsession or possession, are in league and working with what I consider demons (never been born spirits with a conscious continuation lasting millenniums). Now most of those instances have very violent physical manifestations, bangings rappings, freezers moving, items disappearing, bleeding walls, black figures, unreasonable terror...etc The gist I am getting at is they (the human spirits) are being fed direction and power from another whom is using the human spirit or spirits as a proxy or forward face to confuse and illicit sympathy from the one being attacked or flat out lying about being human. I remember one instance where the spirit of a little girl asked to inhabit a doll in the home of two nurses. They being sympathetic gave permission...well it wasn't a little girl is was a demon. Don't ever trust what a spirit says, take it with a grain of salt like you would some random person you meet on the street (it may be true it may not, that's the main failure of most psychics, they come to believe everything they are told no matter how asinine) Whets the saying, the devil will feed you a thousand truths to get you to believe one lie. They lie...a lot, or at least the ones hanging about on the lower astral planes that you would contact via things like automatic writing or Ouija. Think of automatic writing and Ouija as lighting a candle in a dark place, whatever bug happens along will probably head over to the light. Or think of it like turning on a spot light on the top of a mountain and every one coming by to see whats up. Problem is those realms you would access so simply are not in general places with higher evolved beings. And furthermore if they are of a lower astral bent, they just aren't going to know the higher truths, they cant by sheer lack of ability to go there.

And you are right on, they try to tire to the point of you loosing your will to resist at which time , you will start having time loss and lapsing into extremely bizarre behaviors you don't remember at all....cuz it aint you. The other main way is extreme terror and by that giving up the will to resist at which time they can control you at will. The ultimate goal being your spiritual degradation (as you mentioned) and death. And then they try to lock you into that control in the lower spiritual planes...its not like they can go up very high (dimensionally and metaphorically speaking).

As far as convincing them of anything...I wouldn't bother. They will always make excuses....fact of the matter is they don't want to leave, by being in your body they can still taste life, feel sun, have a drink,etc or in the case of a demon that's the only way they can sample this world. I have honestly never ever heard or read about a possession ending via a logical discourse. And it has been proven with MRI research that you cannot convince some one of anything if they have a emotional component to it. For example you cannot convince an Islamic radical to not be radical no matter what logical evidence is put forth. The same works for folks religious and political views, the parts of the brain when you confront them turn emotional and all logic in thrown out the window.

Oh that's funny, frighten people into not reading? That alone should suggest to you a collusion with powers greater than their own. Otherwise it wouldn't even be feasible too many folks have already read it.

I don't know what your belief system is or religious upbringing that would frame a system. If you would like to share then I could frame my responses differently.

But you can get them forced out. It comes down to several options as I see it.

1. Personal mental knowledge and strength, this is very complex and takes time and a lot of research / willpower

2. Personal faith in higher powers, which you use to get them out, calling for help on your own. The hitch in this one is if you have not fostered a relationship with (for sake of argument) god or Christ. You more than likely will be somewhat ignored. why would someone rush to help a person that has ignored them their whole life up to that point?

3. Intervention by higher spirits not necessarily god or angels but higher evolved human spirits be they dead or still living with the ability to travel in the spirit worlds.

4. Faith of another, such as a priest or family member in your faith willing to confront them.

5. Actually flat out intervention from a deity, this only happens when the person possessed is very faithful or has a perfect knowledge or again when the priest or other helping has sufficient faith and or knowledge of the mechanics behind possession. Or in some cases when that person has a particular destiny to fulfill in the big scheme of things.

I'm not really going to go into my extremely bad experiences but lets just say there were at least 5 entities. They went after me with a vengeance but could only exert some control over me as I was waking and going to sleep. They would do things like make me dream I was banging my head against my stereo and I'd wake up doing it with their voices saying they could do that when ever they wanted. Or other shall we say personally degrading things to try and make me afraid and to exert control over me.

I became an extreme mental control freak, I don't even have bad dreams anymore, have a great deal of conscious control over my dreams and can instantly tell if a dream is mine or an attempt at control from outside. I was curious if you have similar issues. everyone's weaknesses are different....

From my perspective life after death is totally colored by life here and your notions and or emotions pre death. So a bad person who thinks nothing of others except tools or murders...etc aint going to go too high on the spiritual planes until they figure it out. Problem is you collect with others of your particular mind bent and egg each other on to think that's how it is...which is sad. Sounds like these folks got kinda stuck assuming they are even human. It's very easy for a demon or devil to tell you all about your life and about your doesn't mean they are human.

- Tim

Thank you for responding to my E-Mail.

I find this writing very interesting and of course it does make a lot of sense to me. I was brought up Southern Baptist.

Two of my relatives whoa re doing this to me were also Southern Baptist and Stergio one of the Spirits doing this to me is Greek Orthodox.

My Other Relative grew up Baptist but she was killed in an accident when I was very young and evidently she never adjusted to her death and became very bitter in the Spirit World and this is no doubt why they are all causing so much trouble.

They tell me when they died things weren't as they expected them in the Spirit World and they say they are angry because people don't believe they are alive and that they believe they are Demons as mentioned in the Bible they say Demons are non but the mean and spiteful spirits of the dead like they have become and blame it mostly they say on the misconceptions that people believe down here.

I am working on them in a therapeutic way and I am trying to get them to come out and confront a higher power and force him to prove he has dominance over them and in doing this I am hoping they will come out and once out they will not dare take on a higher power and then I will be rid of them.

I will be reading your copy hoping it helps me deal with my situation a little better and I am very grateful for your inspiring words.

- Rosemary C.

you are welcome..... Smirk they aren't alive! No body = not alive. They are spirit not body so technically they are not alive. Do they see their surroundings as you do? Or are they aware of more colors and such?

A Greek orthodox spirit should have a bit more insight as I know some of this is taught to them, maybe he didn't get taught right or didn't listen aptly, or maybe they only teach that stuff to priests. The religion I was raised in considers all males to be priests at a certain age and after conferring the priesthood upon them so they are taught accordingly. I'm not totally failure with the structure of Baptists so I don't know what they are taught. Hope its more than just bible stories.

Well they can say demons (inhuman never to be born) don't exist all they want. I know for a fact they do, now the definition may be off between our particular perspectives. I personally consider evil human spirits to be evil human spirits nothing more, but yes many folks would consider those demons. Ask them if they see non physical realities other than pissed off humans. If they only see pissed of humans... they are kinda stuck on one frequency of vibration (one of the lowest), you have to be able to move up and down the spectrum to bring the other frequencies into clarity (dimensions don't ya know). This is why they cant go up to the better realms....which rock and are generally very pleasant!

Why would things be as they had been taught? They never are. I actually consider it naive to think that what a minister tells you is correct. It's correct from his perspective and level of knowledge....ask questions and quest on your own or you get stuck being pissed off. Ask and you shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you. Of course they never tell ya that once it's opened it cannot ever be closed, so most folks never open it or dread that they did.

Upon leaving your body they will probably not be confronted by a higher power. free will is free will with human spirits...why would a higher power become involved unless an actual inhuman entity is involve? For some reason there are rules and bindings placed on demons in regards to how they can interact with humans. Now they may be confronted by other angry family members or guides but a higher power is doubtful. Now if they come out and ask to be confronted and to have knowledge opened unto them, that's a whole different thing and they may very well be meet by higher evolved entities or spirits there to teach them how to progress on the proper course.

feel free to ask anything you want. I'll answer to the best of my knowledge....except the stuff I've covenanted to not speak of.

- Tim

Thank you I am sure your words will help me continue to solve this problem. You write for example they may when they come out be confronted by passed family members.

Last night before I began a healing ceremony, the son of Stergio in the Spirit World appeared and asked him to leave my body and follow him but so far he has refused but I believe things like that may eventually bring them out.

In the beginning these Spirits so terrified me by telling me all the terrible things they can do to me but now the tables are turned and they are the ones who are now too frightened to leave my body, but I feel things are beginning to change with them.

I want them to come out and work in the right way and help me further paranormal research by not doing this to other humans but to just visit their other relatives on Earth and see if they even know they are around them.

Quite often humans don't know when their deceased loved ones appear and when they do know they are too frightened to respond to them and this causes them great frustration and I think that is one of the problems with these four, they fear if I force them to leave they will not be able to make contact with humans in this way again.

At this point I choose to treat them as stubborn relatives the way they were when they walked the earth and see if we can't work something out in this situation so we can all work to help prove life after death.

- Rosemary C.

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Contributed by Tim & Rosemary and Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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