Evil Laughing Ghost

I'll never forget my first time that I really felt fear. Not the type of fear of getting grounded or getting into trouble but the type where you literally get goosebumps and just want to run away from it but can't from being too frightened and just being stiff.

My younger cousin and I always had a special bond with each other. We hung out together all the time like best friends would. We would always stay the night at each other's house and do the typical girl thing having makeovers and watch chick flicks of course.

One night my cousin came over to stay the night with me and everything was great. We did a lot like going horse back riding, rode four-wheeler's with my little brother and cousin Clint. Not knowing that this night would change my cousins and my life forever when were together.

Night time came. Instead of sleeping upstairs in my room we wanted to stay up late watching TV so we stayed down stairs in the living room so we wouldn't wake any one. Our grandfather clock rung stating that it was midnight so we knew it was bed time for the both us for we had church in the morning, so we turned the TV off and laid on our pull out bed and talked for a bit.

We stared up at the ceiling and saw a shadow moved across it. We didn't think nothing of it, because on our walls we had lots of antiques and I had a Siamese cat that loved to play with alot of the stuff checking it out all the time. So we figured it was the cats shadow nothing else.

The night progressed and still no sleep. We were too much into talking than sleeping at the time until we heard the door creek open. Then we heard footsteps going up the stairs. Marie gripped my arm and said "Ranae what was that?"

I giggled a little, thinking it was funny that she was getting scared. I just simply said "Marie its nothing dad just came back from coon hunting that's all." She was quiet, I could feel her shaking.

"But Ranae your dad didn't go hunting." That was right, he didn't go hunting. He had to stay home because mom was sick. At that thought I started to get a bit scared, but then I thought, yea that had to be it. "Oh well it's probably Joseph and Clint trying to scare us."

"Yea you're probably right".

So we both eased down for a bit until we heard the footsteps again, but this time coming down the stairs into the kitchen, with a loud laugh. It wasn't a normal laugh. I've never heard a laugh like this not even in a horror movie. It gave me goosebumps just hearing it laugh like that.

I knew it wasn't my brother nor cousin and Marie knew that too. We held onto each other not knowing what it is and what we should do about it. All of a sudden we heard the laughter again leading right into the living room to where we were. We saw a shadow creep across the walls. We were frightened so bad we held each other's hands and started to pray. "Dear heavenly Father we come to ask to protect us from this evilness and to send it away back to where it came from......."

Then we heard it again coming towards us, then it stopped. We sat up in the bed thinking it was gone until we looked down at the floor. We noticed in the distance a bump in the carpet just staring at it for several minutes. Then it moved the bump under the carpet coming right at us, it went under the bed.

Screaming from fear we saw it under the covers. It was in the bed with us. Moving closer and closer to us we heard the laugh again but this time it sounded more raspy and evil than what it did before, so quickly we both screamed in the name of God we command you to leave and to never return! The laugh just got louder and as it came it quickly left.

We were too scared to get out of the bed to go turn on the lights, but my parents came down because of our screaming and turned the light on. They asked what happened and what the matter was. We explained everything to them. Daddy didn't believe us and thought maybe we had a nightmare, but momma did believe us, she told us that for the past week she's been having nightmares that something was after the two of us.

Ever since that night we have been encountering all sorts of stuff. From both of us having the same nightmares to times where when we're together something bad has happened to us. I could name about a hundred events that has happened to us when were together and it's strange cause it only happens when are together.

Contributed by Ranae Crimsell and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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