Ouija Board Stories and Experiences

Ouija Boards holds a fascination upon the living because of our innate desire to communicate with our friends and loved ones have passed on before us. Is a Ouija Board more than just simply a toy? Are there dangers involved with the playing of the "spirit board"? Perhaps, before you decide to risk a run in with evil you should read about the experiences and advice of others who have attempted to communicate with the dead. Read all our Ouija Board stories and articles at Ouija Board Stories

The History of the Ouija Board

The best selling board game in history, many people believe that the Ouija Board is an ancient tool used to contact the spirit world. Some even claim that the board dates back to 540 BC.

However, while similar devices have been used since ancient times, the Ouija Board was actually patented on February 10, 1891. But, to this day, who actually invented the Ouija Board is still a subject of debate.

Regardless of who really invented the board, Kennard began producing them in 1890 and sold them for $1.50.

Ouija Board – The History of the World’s Best Selling Game

Ouija Board Tales Ouija board stories and experiences.

ZOZO Hundreds of people across the world have reported contact through Ouija Boards, Pendulums and Auto Writing sessions

Ouija Board Used as a Kid a Reason for Concern?

Who are the Creators of the Ouija Board?

Dangerous Ouija Board Spirits
That Halloween was the creepiest I had ever experienced with the black bat and the Ouija Board. I have never had any desire to play with another one since, and raising my own four children I would never allow them to play with such a dangerous tool letting something happen to them like it to did to us that Spooky Halloween. There were many sleepless night in that house after that occurrence.

Inviting The Demon – A Ouija Board Story
I am 30 years old now, but I have a true story to tell back when I was 17, almost 15 years ago in Seattle.

It was raining heavy all day, darkly overcast and dark early which is typical for a Seattle September. I decided to call one of my friends who lived up north that I hadn’t seen in a while and catch up with him, so I gave him a quick call, grabbed my sleeping bag, some weed and my toothbrush, jumped into my rusted out old bomb of a car and headed two hours north into the woods where his house was.

Ouija Board Warning
One day I came home from a book store I found in down town Orlando, they had a Ouija Board, mostly known as a spirit board. I started playing with one of my neighbors and everything was fine. We were asking questions like… where are you from? how old are you? when did you die? are you good or evil? and then we ask how many people are in the room. It told us 4. So it was, me and my neighbor that’s two, the spirit we were talking to that’s three, and then someone unknown 4. At first we thought it was one of us messing around but we let go of the board at the same time when we asked about the fourth and the glass started moving on its own saying to close the board. We did what it asked. We closed with five prayers, asking God to come in and close the board and bless the house we used it in.

Ouija Board Returns From The Trash
When I was younger, my older brother, sister, and me had a board. We hadn’t had it long, my older brother had just brought it home, thinking it would be fun to mess with. About 10 minutes into asking questions, my mom came in from another room, not knowing we were messing with it to begin with.

She grabbed the board, and said now it’s in the house. That was all she said, the next morning was trash day, as I was taking the trash can down, my mom came out with the board and put it in the trash can, I watched it until the trash truck came and picked it up. Now that was roughly 26 yrs ago + or – a year.

A Ouija Board Story – ZOSO The Demon
One evening my ex-wife and I decided to take an old board to a good friend of mine’s house. He lived close to downtown Tulsa,and he believed in spirits. He had seen some of our “sessions" and he even participated. His wife however did not believe, and so we thought we would show her a few things. Little did we know that before the evening was over my friend Mike and I would find ourselves inside a mental health ward.

This particular night there was a crisp full moon, everyone was in a pleasant mood,and we brought candles, a box of soil, and poured purified water into a cool little chalice that my ex-wife carried with her sometimes. We situated ourselves on the coffee table in the living room, dimmed the lights, and lit the candles.

Ouija Demon ILKERL
I am currently 19 years old. The following supernatural occurrences happened around two years ago. In this story, I will be referred to as Liam. I will not specify where the following events occurred, but I will say this; my nightmare demonic attack did occur in the USA. It all started when my friends and I were using a Ouija board; a nightmarish demonic portal that anybody should think more than twice about before using it. My four friends; whom I shall refer to as Chris, John, Jack and Paul, were equally horrified and emotionally traumatized as I was.

Unlocking The Secrets Of ZOZO
Unlocking the secrets of ZOZO, OZ, and the OZ/ZO phenomena

The following is an update on my research into what started as conversations with a spirit named “ZOZO." These findings may not be a ghost story, but is a follow up to some previous stories which I have submitted to this site. Maintain an open mind, or you may think I have gone crazy in my search for answers as to the meaning of ZOZO.
I have uncovered a lot of information about the term, and I am finding some very puzzling and interesting information regarding the different translations and definitions of the word itself.

The Beginning, Depression, Ouija Boards And Lucifer
So this may be a little jumbled, but I’m going to try the best I can to get it all out.

I don’t really remember my childhood, except being teased and left out all the time. I went to a private school up until 8th grade, so I had a lot of love for God but I had dabbled into the Ouija a few times. I remember this one time, my friends were playing the Ouija while I watched, and the Ouija kept telling them “her.. its her.. its her… get her out" and all this crazy stuff.

The Ouija Board And The Man In our House
Recently, I purchased a Ouija board from a Toy’s R Us in Alberta, Canada. Now I know the dangers of using such a device. However, I am curious by nature, and so far my experiences have been positive. I live in a basement suite, it’s big, but not a whole house. It’s a little scary to think ghosts, and spirits can inhabit such a small area.

My hubby and I used this particular board for the first time yesterday. I had taken it from the box, and placed it under the couch. Every time we use this board, it always works. We only use this board in daylight, around 3 pm, which is when Christ died and it is said the virgin Mary ascended into Heaven. If your using the board around 3 am, your sending an invite to the most unholy of spirits. 3 am is the witching hour. when a veil of darkness covers the earth.

Ouija Board Stories
Read all our Ouija Board stories and articles!

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