Haunted Mobile Home Park

Hey! My name's Alexia and I'm 15 years old. Sorry about this story being too long. It's that I had to show this story to everyone because nobody listened to me.

I live in a creepy mobile home community that used to be a cemetery ages ago. My friends have seen paranormal activities, but I had my own.

It was about 10 PM and everyone was asleep in my house except for me. I was laying on my bed awake watching TV. When all of a sudden my TV just turns off by itself. I was in the dark trying to find the remote when I heard brushing on the wall like somebody was walking in the halls. As soon as I was going to look out my door to see who was there, I heard pounding on my closet door. I got really scared. But the problem was that I couldn't move or scream or anything. I just stood there staring at the closet door, listening to the pounding.

Then, I noticed that the pounding had stopped. Then, the door was opening; slowly. I ran to the closet and started pushing the door closed while it was trying to open by itself. I screamed for my dad and everything went blank. I was confused and scared. Practically crying.

Then I started hearing voices. It sounded like a little girl's voice. It was calling my name. She said,"Alexia! Alexia! Come over here I want to show you something!". Then, I saw a shadow. When it was coming close to me I started making out a shape of a little girl. I got closer to her and saw her face. I noticed she didn't have any legs and there was nothing in her eye sockets. Nothing but blood. I got scared and started screaming. Somehow, I ended up in my room. On my bed.

I got confused and screamed for my dad. When he came I asked him what happened. He just told me that he came when I screamed the first time and saw me on the floor asleep next to the closet. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. I asked myself,"Did it really happen or was it just a dream?" everyday until I got over it.

A week later, on a Friday night I was out on the park with my friend Francine swinging on the swings. We were having our own conversation when we saw a glowing figure moving around by a tree. The figure got closer and we saw a girl about 17 or 16 years old. She was wearing a dress of the 1700s. She got more closer and tried to make out her face but we couldn't. It was all just a blur. Then we heard growling. We got too scared and ran away.

Until this day I can't sleep with my TV off and I don't go to the park alone.

Thank you for reading my story! - Alexia.

Contributed by Alexia V. and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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