My Hell In A Haunted House

It was around august in 2007, and my mom and I just bought a beautiful, two bedroom house that had been around since the late 1800's, she insisted on moving in, but something about the house just put a shiver down my spine.

I remember the day she showed me the house, yes, it was very beautiful, it was white, with a red door, and blue shudders. As soon as I stepped on the lawn, my conscious was telling me to turn back.

So I just stayed still, not moving and my mom said, "Honey, come on!" But still yet I didn't move, she then came up to me and shook my shoulder a little and I just fell to the ground, then my mom kneeled down and asked me if I was alright, I nodded my head yes, and told her that I wasn't feeling to hot, so we just went home. I didn't even step into the house, and I knew that it was evil.

I tried telling my mom about my feelings toward the house, but her heart was set on it, I kept on telling her, not to, and not to, but she just ignored me and told me I was just being silly, and letting my imagination get to me.

So she finally bought the house, and my heart just sank. It was moving day, and the ride to the house only took a good 30 minutes. As soon as we parked in the driveway, I felt that feeling in my stomach, that feeling you get before you're about to ride a roller costar, but instead of the excitement part, I felt the fear.

My mom walked to the front door, the key in her hands. She just couldn't wait to get in the house. We reached the door, and she pulled her hand out, the key going in the lock, then she thrust herself toward the door, but just ended up, running into it, she said, "hmp, that's funny?" I just ignored her and then suddenly the door creaked open by itself. My moms eyes got a little big, then she shook her head lightly and said, "Just the wind."

I remember walking in, and feeling the cold breeze from inside the house hit my face. My mom shivered and said something about how cold it was, and I just stood there, my bags cringed in my hands.

She then walked to a hallway near the right of us, where a bathroom lay on one side, and my room lay on the other. She grabbed the door knob, and opened the door. I followed quickly not wanting to be in one room alone. She looked around the room, me now in the door way, it was even colder in this room. She smiled and said, "Oh, It's cute! Perfect for friends and hanging out!" I sighed and think I said something like, "if I make any friends," or something like that. She looked at me, and gave me her, Kit, just try and get used to it, look. I just looked away, and she closed the door, leaving me all alone, in that cold room that gave me nightmares for months.

The months flew by and I wasn't making any friends. Schoolwork was getting unfinished, and I began to get stuck in the same, old rut. I remember crying almost every night. It was like hell for me; every night lying too my mom and telling her things at school were great and hiding detention slips. I had only lived in the house for a month or so and already felt depressed. I kept on complaining to my mom of what the house was doing, but she just normally tuned me out, not seeing any of the changes. I just felt like there was nothing I could do.

I remember this night vividly, I was sitting in my room, listening to music, and then I heard a slight scratch from somewhere. I looked around the room, and just continued what I was doing, and then I herd it again. So I just got up and turned my music even up even louder. I sat down on my bed and out of no where, my stereo, pushed to the side of my dresser and fell to the floor all by itself. I screamed and called for my mom, but when she tried to open the door, it became stuck, and there was no way for her to get in.

She started yelling about something, but I couldn't hear her, I was too busy screaming and crying. It was like the devil himself was doing this just to amuse himself. Then the door flung open and my mom came in looking at me with wide eyes. I was on the floor, my back against the side of my bed, crying in my arms. She just held me and I kept on repeating, "We have to get out of this house!" over and over again. She just kept me in her arms and told me that it was alright, her eyes then narrowed toward my stereo, that was smashed on the ground, then she screamed, "What the hell happened here?" I just lay there on the floor not moving and then she just came up to me and we sat there for about an hour, sitting in the cold room.

Later on that night I was about to take a shower when I saw a red mark, near the side of my arm. I turned around and looked at my back, where scratches took over, there were six or seven big scratches that looked new, fresh. I then called for my mom and she came in the bathroom, one of her hands covering part on her mouth, she then told me to get dressed and grab my stuff. I did as I was told and packed up my things quickly, only grabbing a few things. She then opened the front door, and we left the house.

We stayed with my aunt for the rest of the week, and left the house, which was fine by me, but from this day, whenever I think about the house it sends shivers down my spine! I never want to set foot, in that house again.

A few months after we moved out we learned that there was a family of devil worshipers that lived there years before us. There was a little girl that had came up to the house one day, asking providence for her church and the family went mad and hung the little girl in their living room, putting candles around her hanging corpse. The family then left the country after that. I myself find this story, very interesting, and I wonder if it was the little girl's spirit haunting me, through those past months.

Contributed by "revengeXgurl" and Copyright © 2008 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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