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The Little Slave Girl Ghost

Okay, just to start out my name is Ashley and I have never experienced anything like this in my life, that's why I would like to share it even though it gives me the goosebumps just to think about it.

I was sitting in my bed, eating some cheetos and watching my weekly show. After it went off I layed in bed, put the cheetos on my dresser and started to drift off in thought because I was not sleepy.

I started to hear something cry like a boo-hoo cry. My sister was at the other end of the house, but my first thought was that it was her. So I sat up and at the bottom of my bed sat a little African American girl. She was wearing a white dress and a blue bow was on her waist and in her hair.

She was holding a ruffed up teddy bear and was crying. I thought I was going to pee myself. She took her hands off her face and I screamed, harder then I've ever screamed in my life. Her eyes were all black and she had a huge slash across her face. I relaxed a little bit and I was like "A-Are you okay?" and she yelled at me she was like "No! Stop hitting my mommy and daddy! I need food! Please let us go!" I was totally shocked.

She got down off the end of my bed post and walked out the door. I have never seen her again. After she left I ran to my mom, told her and she did a background check of the house. There was a slave plantation house right where ours set. About three weeks later we found six graves at the end of our ten acre land.

The youngest was a little girl named Summer, she was only seven years old if her grave was dated right. There was an older man, woman and three other male children, placed by them.

So after finding all this out, we moved. My mom said she would have a heart attack if she ever saw one so she said we have to leave.

Was that Summer at the end of my bed? Did she think I was the plantation owner?

Contributed by Ashley and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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