Multiple Hauntings of a Psychically Aware Family

Well, my name's Jennifer and I'm a 19 year old Londoner. I have plenty of tales to tell concerning ghostly activity - not all of them being experienced by me (a lot of them happened to my dad or the both of us).

Any English people reading this should be well aware of what your typical 1930's house looks like, but for the benefit of others it's just an average sized three bedroom house, nothing particularly special.

So this house of mine was bought by my parents in the 1980's after the elderly owner died. When they purchased it the house had no central heating and so my dad was sorting it out down in the basement (the basement is shallow and doesn't have enough height to stand up so you have to go around on your hands and knees). While down there he found the silver top of a walking stick surrounded by a circle of ashes - he took it up to show my mother who told him immediately to put it back exactly where he found it.

Years later my dad was visiting his psychic who picked up (without him saying anything) that he was planning on going back into the basement as there had been some problems with the central heating - she hold him not to go as there's 'something down there waiting for him'. As we are no longer living there my dad took her advice and left it.

According to my dad's psychic the house is haunted by three people - one is a fisherman and we don't know the identities or details of the others. Additionally there are two spirits attached to my dad - his best friend Phil, who died a few years ago, and his step-grandfather. I also have two ghosts attached to me - my nan, who died in 2006 and my dog who died at the end of 2000.

Back to the spirits haunting the house - Once my dad was having a bath and was relaxing with just candles for lighting. As he lay there he suddenly had a vision - he could see the house as if in cross section. He could see my bedroom and the dining room directly below it, but overlaying this he could see the image of a tree and someone hanging from it. Needless to say he was pretty freaked out so he got out of the bath and went to find my step mother.

Interestingly, prior to our street being built the whole area was an orchard - could it be that dad was seeing a vision of the past? Did someone die hanging from one of their trees and now their spirit is one of the ones haunting the house?

Other incidences in the house include windows swinging open, in full view, that have been locked shut, objects being moved (a large shell that was on the window shelf in the bathroom was found lying on top of a submerged pile of clothes in the bath and a watch that my dad hadn't seen in decades just appeared hanging off the bath taps one day), scratching coming from underneath chairs and any animals in the house shying away from something in the hall/on the stairs, not to mention the feeling of being watched.

Like I earlier stated, we no longer live in the building (after my grandad had a stroke we moved into his to look after him) and our old house, which we still own, has got into a state of bad repair due to the neglect. As the two homes are close together we still go in there regularly to do the washing after the washing machine in our current house packed up. Every time I enter and leave the porch I can hear the sound of someone walking up/down the stairs and sometimes I can even see a shadow on them through the frosted glass of the inner door.

Recently we purchased a new house in Cornwall - it's a converted barn from 1896. One night my dad and step mum were sleeping in the back bedroom when my step mum woke up and told my dad she could see something and sure enough he saw it too. Despite the room being dark there was a clear silhouette of a person standing in the corner of the room. They ignored it and went back to sleep. Later that night my dad was awoken again by the sound of someone's feet shuffling through the doorway.

Just a couple of weeks ago my dad drove down there alone late at night to drop off some stuff - the house had been completely sealed since the last time we were there. On entering the kitchen my dad finds 2 very delicate china mugs (so delicate that if you hold them up to the light you can see the light through them) sitting on the floor completely intact - the thing is they hadn't been left there, they'd been left on a shelf unit on the other side of the room. Yes they could have fallen, but if they had they would be beneath the shelf and broken. How could they have gotten to the other side of the room, intact without paranormal means?

Anyway I'm conscious that my story is getting very long so I will end here even though I have plenty more incidents to talk about.

Contributed by Jennifer and Copyright © 2008 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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