Nice Old People Who Have Been Dead For 30 Years

One of my really good friends was about to get married and I had been invited to the wedding. The only problem was that the wedding was all the way on the east coast. I had no option but to drive to Vermont.

I'm gonna skip the part about the wedding because that's not important. So as soon as the wedding ended I had to drive back to California. But that night was one of the most horrible nights in weather history! It was one of the biggest thunderstorms I had ever been in!

On my way back to California, still driving through the Vermont woods, my car decides to break down. I'm really good with cars, but that wasn't the problem that night. I really needed to get a tow truck or something to come and help me. I had no cell phone, but I had remembered that I had passed a house not far back.

I grabbed a coat and started walking back. I soon had reached the house and was amazed at how big it was when I saw it in person. The front gates were big and cold like prison cell blocks. The house was a mansion. A very old stone-brick mansion. It was like something straight out of Batman.

I felt bad disturbing the family who lived there, but I was only gonna ask to use the phone. As I was walking toward the door I felt quite uneasy. Once I had reached the door I knocked, and to my surprise, I sweet and little old man answered the door. He did not hesitate to bring me into the house. Before I even said a word to him he had already brought me into the house.

He called his wife. "Betty, Betty come here." he called.

Betty answered. "You thing come in and have a cup of coffee."

I said "Thank you, but I really need to use a phone if its ok with you two."

I told them about how my car had broken down. They told me it was ok to use the phone but that the lines had gone out with the thunderstorm. They fed me that night, talked to me, and offered me a place to rest for the night. I took the chance of spending the night, after all I did not want to go back to the car. They were the most sweetest little old people that you could find. Almost like your grandparents in a way.

As the morning came, I woke up as soon as the sun had come up. I really didn't want to wake them, so I left them a note by the door, saying thanks for everything and for letting me stay here and pass the storm through the night.

The storm had passed and I walked down the road to my car. I got in it and fixed it and drove down a couple of miles to a diner. At the diner I was telling my waitress about my night and how I met the little old people up the road. The waitress asked me if it was at that mansion about 20 miles up the road and I said yeah.

I asked if she knew those people and she said. "Oh honey that house has been abandoned for over 20 years. No body lives there now!"

I was in shock, so as soon as I was finished I went back to the house, and to my surprise the gates were fully locked and chained up. The mansion had vines growing all over the outside walls, and the windows had been broken. At that time I wondered, who were those two people who tended to me last night?

Contributed by Raphael and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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