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Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits

Over the years, I have had many mysterious things happen, in many different places, so this is more a list of those strange events, rather than a story per say. Some instances you may put down to coincidences or natural phenomenon, however when you have experienced the amount of things that both myself and my family have, that amount of coincidence just doesn't happen!

The first ever occurrence I can remember is when I was about 2 years old. My mother had just given me a bath and was drying me outside the bathroom (as was the 'custom' that I was used to for some reason.) Whilst standing outside the bathroom and at the top of stairs, a white smoke-like mist moved down the stairs, in a movement I can only describe as gliding. As a child that was too young to be scared of it or know what it was, it didn't faze me at all, although I remember my mother speaking of her auntie that had recently passed away - had she come to say a last goodbye perhaps?

A short time after my granddad passed away, I was standing at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the 2nd floor of our house, about to go up when I heard a voice say, "It's ok my little soldier." This is was what he would call me when we were together.

Halloween is always a time when fears are heightened about ghosts and ghouls, though what happened one night on all hallows' eve definitely happened, there's no doubt about it. Practically the whole family were sitting in the living room chatting and watching television, and our night was suddenly disturbed by the sound of our living room door handle rattling. The handle was temperamental in that you could turn it slightly and the door wouldn't open, and not only was it turning just enough for the door not to open, but it was constant and quick for a few seconds. Knowing that everybody that was in the house sat in the living room, we eventually got up to see if somebody had either come in without us knowing or we were being burgled. Needless to say, no-one was there.

As I grew older, I became more aware of strange happenings. It was around Christmas time, and we had put up our decorations around the walls and ceilings. We had the usual multi-coloured ceiling decorations that stream from one side of the wall to the other. The particular decorations we had by the stairs had angels dangling from them, situated regularly along the decoration. Walking past, we noticed that one of the angels was swinging from side to side. We reached up to stop it swinging, but it would start again straight away. This could be put down to there being a breeze - except there wasn't the slightest, and none of the other angels on the decoration were moving.

Another incident relating to my granddad simply made us all laugh one time. When he was visiting, he would sit in an armchair, and talk or watch television - until a certain programme came on, and he would get up saying, "Oh, not neyneys!" referring to the programme my mum and sisters would always watch.

The programme came on as it always did, and while several of us were sitting in the living room, the cushion on the arm of our armchair raised, leaving a slight indentation in it, as if somebody had been sitting there for a while and just got up.

The only time I can remember being brought to tears was as a sixteen-year-old boy (and I'm still embarrassed to admit it!) and was due to something paranormal that I had never seen before and didn't want to see again.

Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock to get ready for sixth form college, I looked towards the end of my bed as I sat up and there was what appeared to be a cloaked figure, covered from head to toe, including their face. The shape was reasonably short, probably about 4 feet and, like I said, completely covered in what appeared to be a cloak or sheet. Whatever it was that was covering the figure, it shone white, with a light shining around it.

I laid back down, and called for my mother to come into the room, and I could just see the light fade. It wasn't there when my mum entered the room and there was no other light source in the room at all, and certainly nothing that could make that kind of shape!

In the same house as the above happened, we had a massive mirror in the kitchen that covered the majority of the wall. Standing in front of it, you can see the whole of the opposite wall in its reflection.

I was standing in the kitchen one day raiding the cupboards like teenagers do, and, as I turned round I saw what appeared to be a woman, wrapped in a shawl. Her face just about peeked out from this shawl that she had wrapped around her head and shoulders (this is all I saw of her) and she appeared very old.

It was a quick flash of an image, like a light switching on then off again, and went as soon as I saw it. She seemed almost see through, and I only saw her head and shoulders. As that image disappeared, (this'll sound crazy!) I saw what I can only describe as being a single strand of straw, floating past me at face level then disappear.

There were also several occasions when the image of a little boy would appear - again, very quickly, then literally with the blink of an eye, the image would disappear. I can remember seeing the almost blurred kind of image sitting on the top end of my little brother's bed, legs tucked into his chest resting his chin on his knees. From the very brief sighting, I remember him wearing dungarees and those Christopher Robin style shoes that do up with a strap on the front.

Contributed by Kris Slaven and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

This is a long story so it has been broken up into 3 parts. Read Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits Part 2

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