Haunted Boarding House

I swear this is true.

Two years ago when I was boarding at my school, I was in year 8 and my sister in year 11. The house mistress used to tell us scary stories about a little Indian girl who lived in a small room in the other boarding house.

About the second week of school, I started to hear noises, like footsteps, crying, and banging. Sharing a house with so many girls, I just took no notice of it because I thought it was just another girl homesick.

So, I needed to go to the bathroom, it was about 12 at night, and the house mistress' office light was still on, so I went in there to see if she was still wake, but nobody was there, so I carried on walking to the bathroom.

There's a window in the bathroom where you can see the room the house mistress used to tell stories about. There was always wood nailed up against the windows though. Anyway, so when I was washing my hands, I looked curiously at the wooden windows opposite me. Then, suddenly the water stopped when I didn't even turn it off, I just ignored it though, so I carried on looking at the window, then, a big piece of wood fell off the window and the window flew open.

I got terrified so I ran back to my room and tried to go back to sleep. After about an hour of sleep, I had forgotten that I had left the tap on. I ran back to the bathroom and turned off the tap. The light started flickering and I looked at the window again. The light was on.

I saw a black figure dart straight out the window, the leaves of the tree in between the two boarding house rustle and suddenly the bathroom went icy cold. So again I ran back to my room to try and forget about it. I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I took a sleeping tablet that my mum had gave me. So I went to sleep.

Then I woke up to something brushing me and feeling me. I was petrified! I ran right up stairs to the house mistress room but it was locked. So I started banging on the door yelling out "Mrs. Foo, Mrs. Foo! help me!!" she didn't reply.

All of a sudden I fainted, and woke up in the bathroom. I stood up and looked in the mirror and told myself that it was all my imagination, but then in the mirror I saw a little indian girl. She had long black knotty hair and was wearing a really old tattered school uniform.

I quickly turned around and she wasn't there. I ran back to my bedroom and cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning and my room mate had scratches all over her. She started to tell me about how she had a really bad dream about an Indian girl in the bathroom.

I got so scared and realized what had happened last night was real. I didn't tell anyone about what happened last night.

I moved schools because my sister went mad thinking that an Indian girl pushed her down the stairs. Now I go to a local high school and is much better.

Contributed by Annie Gourlay and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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