The Native American Kachina and the Extraterrestrial Connection

The nations indigenous to the land that is now the United States gave great respect and credence to the laws of nature, as is evident from the remains of ancient pottery, crafts and drawings. What of the laws of the universe, though? What evidence is there that the nations of this land believed in celestial life forms?

Eototo Chief of all Kachinas

Eototo Chief of all Kachinas

Petroglyphs found in ancient rocks of the Hopi regions of the Southwest have shown figures that appear to be ant-like. There are many legends of the Ant People that were a benevolent race that aided humans during the destruction of the First World. Gary David, an author and researcher, has examined the connection between these ant-like drawings and the masks worn for the Kachina dance. Were these masks actually representations of a belief in extra- terrestrials?

When David was living among the Hopi, he came to some interesting conclusions. He noted that the villages, or ruins of villages lined up specifically to stars in the Orion belt constellation. This got him studying further, and in looking at the ancient rock art and carvings, he saw many that corresponded with star charts and drawings of creatures that appeared to be extra terrestrial in nature. He then began to look at the connection between the popular Kachina dance and the spirits they represented, and a possible link to another planet.



As far back as 1300 A.D., the Kachina cult has been in existence. Ancient drawings of the masked figures have been found in the ruins of Hopi villages and are always associated with the rain so desperately needed in the arid environment. Allegedly it was believed that the visits would come from the Kachinas themselves during the first of the four worlds they believe to have existed, and now come in the form of carefully chosen masked dancers.

In Hopi and Navajo beliefs, Kachinas are quite simply messengers between this world and the next. The masks have many designs on them that appear otherworldly. No two Kachina masks look alike as each are specific to different entities and elemental factors that have been part of their history.Separate from the Kachina masks that are thought to represent the deities themselves, the popular Kachina doll is more of a teaching tool. It is not to be confused as representative of the ancient deities. It does however give young children an insight into these beliefs and on how to interact with nature deities.

Sotuknang the god of the sky

Sotuknang the God of the Sky

Most notable among the masks is the representation of Sotuknang or the god of the sky. Like many other ancient societies, the stories are told through the petroglyphs and the cave drawings. These drawings, like the Egyptians and ancient Chinese, have objects that appear to be aircraft of some kind. In the legends of Sotuknang, it is said that he comes to the people on a "flying shield". It is reminiscent of other legends and religious histories where it was evident that at the very least, people were thinking about existences outside this particular realm.

One of the more controversial aspects of the Kachinas is the presence of a deity known as the Blue Kachina or the Blue Star. There are those such as Dan Katchongva, the leader of the Hopi Sun Clan in the early 1900's that claim this Blue Star or the Eye of God is an ancient legend foretelling the end of times. It is thought by some that the Blue Star Kachina is simply an extension of the Ghost Dance movement that swept across the nation during the latter part of the nineteenth century. It is true that the prophecy was foretold by Katchongva during this time, however there are other mentions of this prophecy, especially in Frank Waters "Book of the Hopi". There have been spheres of blue discovered in the solar system that are speculated to be the coming of this prophecy. It is also quite possible that the blue hues of an exploding comet or meteor could create this effect.

Regardless, the Kachina masks that are still used today very much resemble the stories of the Four Worlds that are told on the ancient walls of ruined cities. The legends also resemble others that have come to light, such as the Annunaki, or the extraterrestrial race that is thought to come from the planet of Nibiru. This belief, while science has yet to fully substantiate it, was evidenced in the drawings of Ancient Sumeria. Just as the Annunaki were believed to possess great knowledge that was taught to humanity before the worlds began to be destroyed, the Ant People, and later the Kachinas also were teachers and mediators. It is also important to note that it was the "Anasazi" that the Hopi descended from, which when pronounced, is not a far stretch from "Annunaki".



Looking at these masks, it is easy to speculate that the inspiration for them must have been something not seen in this world. Many of the masks for the warrior Kachinas (directly below the chiefs) resemble what has come to be known as the "grays" or the extra-terrestrials that are believed by some to have come to this planet. The dances and the languages spoken are of an ancient form that is only understood by the ones doing the dance. It is thought in this state that the dancer is overtaken by the spirit of the Kachinas and becomes one with whatever element it represents.

One thing is evident, and that is the ancient Hopi thought far beyond the world around them and believed that life existed everywhere. It is also evident that there are many stories that while they may differ in ways that are specific to their beliefs, there are many common points. These points seem to indicate that life in other parts of the universe has been something speculated on for many, many centuries.

The Kachina dances still take place today in the Southwest Hopi, Navajo, and Pueblo areas, especially in the Hopi Mesas. Kachina dolls are intricately designed and sold to the many tourists that flock every year to take part in witnessing these dances and ceremonies of a people rich in wisdom and culture. Many of them do not know the ancient ways that these ceremonies represent, because so much of the culture itself was ignored by those who sought control of this land. As we sift through the artifacts and legends that have survived time and the elements, we can only piece together the story of these remarkable people that believed living in harmony with the earth's gifts... and quite possibly in harmony with the rest of the universe as well.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2010


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