Coffee Shop Ghost

The coffee shop I used to work in had been a fairly crazy bar in the 70s and was the reputed sight of a drug overdose in the men's bathroom during that time. The men's room was always noticeably colder than the ladies' room, even though they shared a heating vent and neither had a wall to the outside.

One event that occurred when I was there was when two other employees (we all hung around, even when we weren't on shift) and I were playing a game of cards at around 2 pm (slow time). We all heard a glass break from behind the counter, but no one was back there. Since I was the one technically on shift, I went behind the counter - Not a single bit of glass on the floor. Confused, I looked at the shelves where we keep our glasses and on one of the shelves was a glass pedestal with glass all around it. The glass had broken where it stood.

Another time when all of us were hanging around in the "employees booth", I spotted out of the corner of my eye what looked like a man in a sweat suit or leisure suit behind the counter. I was about to say something when one of my co-workers, who was the one on shift at the time, jumped up and said "Excuse me, can I help you?". we confirmed with each other that we thought we had seen someone behind the counter, and went together to see if he had gone into the back (the only way to get behind the counter is through the back). But when we went into the back, no one was there, and the only door out was bolted from the inside.

A third incident happened to me when I was all alone closing up one night. I was balancing the till at one of the booths with the cordless phone right beside me that had its base in the back with a corded phone. Whenever you picked up/turned on either phone, a red light would go on on both phones. As I was counting the till, I noticed that the red light on the cordless phone was on. As the corded phone in the back was not well mounted on the wall, it frequently was improperly hung up by everyone, and I thought I had made that mistake. I went into the back , but the red light was not on the corded base. I picked up the phone - dial tone. I hung up the phone, went out to the front and the light on the cordless was out.

I resumed my count, only to look up five or ten minutes later to see that the red light was on again. I took the cordless into the back with me, checking to make sure the whole way that the red light was still on. Got into the back - No red light on the base. Looked at the phone in my hand again - No red light. I picked up the base phone again just to be certain, and got a dial tone. A little confused, I went back to the booth to finish the count and get the heck out of there. Not two minutes later the corded phone, sitting face up on the table right in front of me, turned on all by itself. I called one of my friends who lived nearby to finish the close with me.

These are just a few of the creepy things that happened to me at that coffee shop, and my co-workers had other stories too. So glad I don't work there anymore!

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